Your thoughts on my plans..

After reading through some of the forums, I might be a bit under developed for this forum, but I was invited after buying a Era Gold mk.V with PSU1..

I am setting up my first phono system and the only real experience I have is many decades ago with my fathers technics ?? turntable and Teac amplifier.
I have some disposable income, but am not wealthy and didn’t want to spend a fortune to break into this world right away.. I think I’ll likely inherit some of my dad’s record collection - but I’ll also be buying newer albums to listen to. My music taste is fairly eclectic with more emphasis on country (think Chris Stapleton / Eric Church) and folk (think Mumford & Sons / Lumineers).

I have purchased a Pro-Ject X1, GSP Era Gold mk. V with PSU1 and Martin Logan Motion 40 speakers.. i plan to amp through either my Sonos Amp (125w/ch) or my Yamaha A1010 AVR (110w/ch)...first choice being Sonos so I can also stream to other speakers around the home...although I’m open to buying a dedicated amp and if neither of these do sonic justice. Besides the two amplifiers, I’m still waiting on all to be delivered..
I’ve read through the forum a little tonight and feel my system is undeserving of being here, but thought some of you might have an opinion on my choices so far and if you think I’ve made any poor life choices so far.
@kintama21  Yep, you are correct that all you need is a volume control (as long you're getting the sound levels that you want through the Nobsound).  I'm not familiar with the Nobsound, but I have used the Schiit Sys, which I imagine is similar.  Even if you don't need additional gain from your preamp, some people find that an active preamp provides additional weight and body to the music.  Others, however, swear by passive preamps.  That's part of the fun - finding something that you really like in your system.  
Just an update - the Sonos Amp is actually really good at amplifying the music I like through the ML Motion 40s. With the entire setup the way it is, I’m more interested in how room acoustic treatment will improve bass and upper frequency reflection/refraction than any improvement in sound from amplification. My GIK products should be built/delivered next month!! Thanks to all who provided useful and objective advise!!
What a fun, rewarding system you have! And @millercarbonis right (oddly enough), as is @skypunk and others who say that whatever brings you audio happiness is a good system.

Like, never use your music to listen to your system.

And price is immaterial to sonic happiness here. Example: my office system is a Rega RP3 with standard Elys cartridge; Schitt Mani phono pre; and Audioengine A5+ powered speakers. From my listening chair it sounds immersive and happy and enveloping. And it probably cost maybe 1/15th of my main listening room rig. I love listening to music as much in the office as I do downstairs. Plus, as a bonus, I find myself not listening for faults and weirdness in the system upstairs as I inexorably do on my main system.