Your thoughts on monitors

I currently own two pairs or Paradigm Mini MK3's.I use three for the fronts and use the fourth for the ES ch. I have been looking for an up grade as the Mini's get a little congested when I crank it up.They are crossed over at 80hz and that gave me some more head room over 65hz as they had a bit less bass to reproduce.
They're strong points are the textile dome which along with their design as a whole give them a little rolled off sound.DVD sound tracks never sound harsh.With all that said It sounds like I should keep them but I would like a little more headroom.
Monitors stand mounted are my favorite.The center ch. when stand mounted can't exede 36" or it will stick up too high in front of my fixed screen.
Some of my choices in looking have been Spendor,Psb,Dynaudio,North Creek.I don't want to sell these and make a sale only to end up with what I have now and wasted my time with a lateral move.The only time I will be listening to music is about 5% if that, the system is a dedicated hometheater in a dedicated room.
Thats right the money thing, about 500.00 apair.I will need two pair because I use three idenical for the fronts (what a world of difference that makes)I'm not opposed to DIY project as my subs are and they have no opposition in the manufactured market place (dats no joke).
Thank you for your advice.Just to give you a little more to go by this all started by listening to the Eagles ,"Hell frezes over".Too loud.It was a Joe Walsh tune.
Haven't heard them, but check out Ascend Acoustics and their very highly rated CBM-170. Lists for ~$330 a pair, well within the budget. (Soundstage review)

Lots of luck....
Look into Earthworks Audio Sigma 6.2. I've read very good things about their monitors. Not sure about their costs.
Save your scratch...unless your primary interest is music...which entails spending some money to get good 2-channel sound...hi-end monitors would not be cost effective in my humble opinion...happy holidays