Your Thoughts on a CD Player

Hi Friends--

I am looking for suggestions for a CD player to best match my Marantz 2325 Receiver and Snell III's, speakers, since vintage players are hard to come by, what would be a good suggestion for my system, I listen to Jazz and 70's music.
Any suggestions would be most appreciated-----!

Vintage players aren't worth it. You are getting old/used/beat up transports and lasers. Get something simple & newer that will player modern discs, cd-rw, mp3 and more. Even an inexpensive dvd would work. Look at Oppo? For 5-10 year old players, sony es and pioneer elite?
What's your budget?

Are you interested only in new, or is used an option?
sony playstation1001
Used is good, probably get more for my money, up to 1000.00

Reliability is the key when buying used.

The older Sony ES series seem to hold up, as do the Pioneer Elite (PD-69).

Sony has a new SACD/CD player, the SCD-XA5400ES ES, which retails for $1499, and can be found discounted to around $1200. It comes with a five year warranty. It's one to consider.
I really like the sound of my Music Hall CD25.2, good price used.
Get a unit that can output to a DAC unit. That way you can look for a DAC tube unit and get the best of both worlds.
Original Rega Planet.
Or the Rega Apollo, which can be had for $1100 new. Very nice sounding player.
Ditto Apollo or Rega Jupiter 2000 which are quite a few on the market.