Your thoughts: ADCOM GFA-2 or Denon POA-5200

Found one for sale locally (under 50 miles). Original owner who bought it new in 1983. It's in excellent condition and no issues whatsoever. Does anyone have any idea how they sound? From pics I could find, it's a dual-mono design with 100wpc at 8 ohms. I was thinking of using it with my 2-channel stereo (Miles cd player direct-in and NHT speakers). I've been considering a Denon POA-5200 dual-mono amp, then I saw this Adcom pop up. I used to have a GFA-555II and liked how it sounded, so I'm wondering if the GFA-2 will be in the same vein of sound. I tend to like the older Adcom amps vs the FET designed later models. However, I believe the Denon may be smoother than the bunch?