Your Side by Side Experience With Best Vintage vs Newer Expensive Hi Tech Speakers

Has anyone here ever done a side by side comparison between Tannoy Autograph, Bozak Concert Hall Grand, EV Patrician, Jensen Imperial Triaxial, Goodmans, Stentorian, Western Electric, Altec A4, Jbl Everest/Hartsfield/Summit/Paragon/4435, Tannoy Westminsters, Klipschorns vs the Hundreds of Thousand even Million Dollar speakers of today like Totems, Sonus Farber, BW, Cabasse, Wilsons, Dmt, Infinity, Polk ...etc
@kosst_amojan  Saul Marantz, Sidney, Fisher hhscott and M Buongiorno, Carver, S Hegeman, David Hafler all used tonecontrols so i guess they were all idiots and didnt have a clue about Audio.
No tone controls is a total useless restriction imposed in audio. Whoever decided to implement this no tone controls  concept has shortchanged the audio world and brainwashed many
I am a collector of full range speakers.  A good pair of vintage speakers with modern dsp can absolutely make newer speaker seem silly to buy.     I’ve yet to hear anything that will touch the larger dunlavys.p, For 10000 or less. Or the big old tannoys. I don’t think anyone is hand tuning speakers these days like dunlavy did.     The fact that 25-30 years later I can afford much more expensive yet have only purchased 2 newer speakers    R5 5 symphonic line and a pair of evolution mm3.    The later being the most expensive pair by far.     I e spent some time with the mini dsp and more recently with the legacy wavelet,      The wavelet and a good pair of vintage full range speakers can be pretty impressive.      Those k horns no matter how many mods  have tried them 3 times with upgrades no matter what yuck.    Those are good for college parties and for home theater definitely not at the core of an audiophile system.    
Batman.....YMMV..... Enjoy ! MrD.

Hmmmm.... (Looking at stereo in front of him) Yes, those do appear to be tone controls on that Marantz there, and they're all pointed at 12:00 because my Focals don't need the controls jacked with. The ESS AMT1's in my bedroom powered by another Marantz do. 

Tone controls we're popular back in the day because speakers were all over the map in terms of response. You never heard of "British sound", "west coast sound", or "New England sound"? That's why tone controls existed. Speakers weren't flat or musical. 


I wasn't as impressed with the brand new Klipsch LaScala as I could have been. Very punchy, dynamic speakers, but the thin and limited imaging failed to envelop me. Good speakers for a little tube amp or ungodly volume. Not especially good value according to the virtues I prioritize.