Your shipping wrecks. USPS,FED-EX and UPS

Well the e-bay USPS shipping has fallen apart, and the e-bay Fed-Ex is not much better......A 4000.00 CD player missing for 20 days by USPS, A box of 50 fuses , says delivered , but nobody knows where ???..........2 cartridges and a headshell...delivered today, but nobody knows where ??........You put a tracking number in Fed-Ex all it says is late delivery, and never tells where it is.....So be careful with Christmas Presents..........The only way I can track USPS is go to the Post Office ans have them track it, if I track it all it says is late arrival......
it is heart breaking to watch Americans argue about this issue. 

A subsidised mail system in America would be a tremendous benefit to the manufacturing strength of the country.  look at what Germany has done with DHL.  some activities (mail distribution) can naturally be monopolistic and hence may  fall under purview of Government operation.  this is not communism.  it's just sensible.

UPS went on strike in the early 70's. One of our UPS drivers then went out and got a job with USPS. He finished his route the first day about 2pm. He was flooded with requests from virtually everyone there to slow down. Made USPS workers and management look bad. Accountability is a stretch in governmental bureaucracy. Must limit union influence in regard to job descriptions, assignments, terminations. Safety issues, yes. Compensation, of course. Cannot tie management's hands in regard to how they manage their most costly asset. 
fbgbill26 posts12-20-2020 9:35pmI bought a vinyl album off ebay and it was shipped on 11/30 via USPS. I received it yesterday 12/19. It was lost stuck or whatever in Austin, Tx for 12 days...

Sounds about right... we've got a bunch of hippies smokin rope all day in Austin... everything is "manana man"  
look at what Germany has done with DHL. 

I used to chat with a couple people in Germany. They always complained about DHL.
LOL with the blaming Trump realize that Amazon pays a fraction of the USPS postage per package that we plebs and other smaller companies do. Yet the USPS service still runs at a large annual deficit that the public increasingly subsidizes through increased taxes. Oddly enough, Jeff Bezos the owner of Amazon and the single largest beneficiary of this discounted postage, is among the largest three contributors to the Biden campaign (in the 10’s of millions), as for the above "Trump did it" narrative, sheesh, the Post Office is run by a Board of Governor’s with staggered terms and it would take someone like Trump another bunch of years to get a working majority of members willing and able to level the playing field with the discounted rates Amazon pays (not to mention the immense strain they place on the system).