Your Recommendations Please

I am looking for:
1) CDs that are funky jazz or swing that are performed at a fast pace with a lot of improv.
2) High quality productions (CDs) to show off my system.
One that immediately comes to mind that meets both your criteria is:
John Cocuzzi "Swinging and Burning" on Mapleshade.
Ok, so I'm a Yellowjackets fan, and I always carry a copy of "Dreamland" when listening to new equipment (1st cut). Maybe not meeting your criteria, but a good reference and a cleaner recording, check out Oregon's "Beyond Words" from Chesky. Again, the first tune is all acoustic, interesting, first class musicianship and very well recorded.

I hope you enjoy these, and I hope more people submit suggestions. I would like to hear about them also!


Try "Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie!" by Ella Fitzgerald. A well-done mastering of this classic LP. I recently purchased one on sale at

Remastered versions on Weather Report Heavy Weather and Black Market, Joe Zawinul World Tour are all very funky electric jazz. I agree with a Yellowjackets selection but would recommend Live Wires. Also Al Jarreau Tenderness has several different goups of musicians and recording techniques. I also like to put on Eva Cassidy Live At The Blues Alley. Simple songs, simple arangements, simple instrumentation, but what sound.
The Quincy Jones - Sammy Nestico Orchestra, "Basie & Beyond". It is on Warner Bothers.
Try St Germain "Tourist"
Christian McBride, Cedar Walton, and Herbie Hancock! The Hancock that is also out on SACD is superb.
One of my fav's is RTF's (return to forever) "Romantic Warrior" , its a real jazz/fusion headspinner!
I second St. Germain "Tourist".
Try "Twisted Desire" by Eight and a half Souvenirs BMG #09026 63471-2. Great music and sonics
...try out Stanley Clarke's (Cick Corea bass player) Bassick Collection!
Outstanding recording quality + lots of FUN-K available at the CD clubs and local stores everywhere.
Try Hancock's 'Dis is D drum' Very funky, lots o drum. Okay recording
I bought 6 CD's recently from Mapleshade, and they have
some of the best sound quality of any CD's I've heard.
I have very little knowledge of jazz, but just listened to a CD that I have had for quite some time by Papo Vazquez and other than having great players, it seems to be what you are looking for. The CD is entitled "At the Point V. Two".
Jazz at the Pawnshop is pretty incredible. A must have . A lot of the MFSL Ultradisc gold cds are excellent too especially there samplers.