Your "DREAM" piece

If you could replace one component in your present system with a "dream" piece, regardless of price, that would be synergistic with your other components, what would you choose? Remember, don't pick a piece that you could not use with the rest of your other components, such as a SET amp because your speakers are not efficent enough or a pair of speakers that your present electronics could not drive to an optimum level because of not enough watts/current. My "dream" piece would be to replace my Pass Labs X-350.5 with the Pass Labs X/A-200 mono-block amps. It would "only" cost about another 20 grand, but this thread is a fantasy anyways, right! Hope just for fun you GON members will share your "dream" pieces with the rest of us. Thanks.
Not a "dream" piece for me, however I'd like to know what a set of Levinson 33's would do for me in place of my current amplification.

Actually I'm quite happy with my system as it is today. I consider myself lucky as I read of other's quest's for musical nirvana!


Paul :-)
Manley Steelhead phono preamp to replace the Krell KPE Reference.
I would replace my current speakers with a pair of Sonus Faber Stradivari my dreams.....

Stradivari Homage

I'd probably upgrade my turntable (and cartridge and phono stage) as it's currently my weak link.
Not really in dream territory, but a Notts Analog Spacedeck, with an RB600 and a Denon DL103R would probably fit the bill very nicely.
Hi Beemer, thanks for sharing on this thread. On another thread titled, Silver vs. Copper cables, I left you a question regarding your experience with AZ Silver Reference interconnects, if you could go back and take a quick look regarding my inquiry and share your thoughts it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
if I could have one piece gently dropped in my lap it would be a Sota Cosmos with a Graham arm and Shelter 901 but I would settle for a SME arm...
For me, the Walker Proscineum Gold turntable and it's companion Prologue rack with the Magic Diamond cart.
I'd like to swap out my Flatfish for the PiTracer, It's no longer a dream, but I think I will always remain curious.
Wow, that's a tough one. I think I'd have to say, after much deliberation, a Nagra PL-P preamplifier. That's a piece of audiophile eye/ear candy I've lusted after for years! And if not that, then a Linn Sondek CD-12. I want them both, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!
Schröder Reference tonearm. If I could have the other half of the set up it would be the two armed Teres 255-2 with the Schröder Ref, ZYX Fuji, and Hagerman Trumpet phono. But I'll take just the tonearm and buy the rest myself, thank you.
Jm Labs Grand Utopia BE.
I have wanted a pair of the Grand Utopia speakers for as long as I can remember.
4 chassis Jadis JA800 parked side by side nestled between my mbl digital front end.
I would love to wake up to a pair of the flagship Soundlabs in my room, maybe some Bat 150 monos and a Clearaudio Master Solution with ... oh wait, we're picking one peice aren't we.
Maybe a pair of Pass Labs mono block room heaters, say the X600.5's, or one of the great turntables like a Walker. Go ahead and pick one then just surprise me and put it in the listening room when I'm out.

Might not "match" the rest of my system but I'd make do...
Rockport Antares speakers. The Hyperions would require a change of residence rather than equipment!
Probably speakers either SF Homage or Avalon Eideolon Diamonds or Thiel 7.2's.

Probably replace my Eidolons with Eidolon Diamonds.
IF I could, I would get (10) Onkyo M588F power amps.
I'd (nearly) kill for a pair of Wilson-Benesch ACT's. They would go real nice with my system and room decor. Please don't anyone ask this question again--its depressing! Hey Beemer--what model? I've got a 73tii Colorado Orange.
Walker turntable for me!

yessireebob no doubt...
I'd probably go with the Reimyo CDP given all that I've read about it and the mystique around it, plus I like the look of it. But at over $14,000 it will remain a dream.
Natalie Portman or Catherine Zeta Jones. I think the synergy with my system would be incredible.
My everyday dream is the housing market to tumble as hard as it could and I will buy a bigger house to set up my $200K equipments ( MBL 1621&1611, ML2.1&L2, Tenor 300HP, Kharma exquisite ref 1a with diamond tweeter&kharma enigma cables, BPT sig pluse conditioner, Epiphany PCs, HRS rack & amp stands, CEC TL0 MKII, cello pallete preamp, EAD pro9000 gold modified with all black cap DAC Pluto turntable, LP2 dulex phono ).

Any comment is wellcome.
A pair of Edgarhorns.
Nakamici Dragon turntable, way out of the mainstream.
To have all original FZ albums.
Mark Levinson 30.5 and 31.5 CD playback system or CEC TL0 or BOTH.I would like them delivered with Beyonce .She needs be wearing a funky pair of pink high heels and a pink cowboy hat.THAT'S IT Nothing else on.I want her to stick around for a fun night of listening!!!!!!!!!!!
Do I ask for a lot?
PS I don't mind if it takes place on a week night I will take the next day off work.
replace my GNSC statement modified Wadia 861 se with the GNSC statement modified Wadia 270 se and statement modified Wadia 27ix combination clocklinked together with those $4500 AT&T glass cables I read about here can't remember their name oh and elrod statement 2 power cords for them and sitting on critical mass platforms.
In my mind a "DREAM" piece would be "Pamela Anderson" this would be the most synergistic addition to my, er...system!
I'd say a Blue Circle AG8000 but that's against the rules since my preamp isn't let's go with any Blue Circle 200-series hybrid amp. I won't be picky. I bet that would be pretty cool.

Nrchy man, good taste in turntables eh ;)

"To have all original FZ albums".

My friend has ever last FZ record ever released. all of 'em! At last count over 80 records! I'm humbled with my 30 or so FZ records.
I guess I share the same dream as Slipknot1. Waking up to the big Walker TT would certainly be a mind-expanding turn of events.
Despite great affinity for some of the "dream" pieces mentioned by my Agon peers (Portman, Zeta-Jones, and Anderson models.....not sure the manufacturers on those though....) my dream audio piece would be the complete dCS stack for the digital wire capable of like analogue......
Hmmmm. The current weak link in my system is my CD player, however I cannot think of an appropriate ‘dream’ one-box player off of the top of my head. Therefore, I will have to go with plan B and say that I wouldn’t mind replacing my Bryston with an Accuphase P-7000.
My dream is for the biggest component. My own home so I can build the room myself and then after you all get your dream pieces you can send me your old ones. Doenations can be made at 1 800 HEL PMEE.
I dont even begin to know. I thought I did. Now it seems there isnt any right direction to go. My dream has been replaced since I realized that I havent given music as much as a go as I thought I had.
Dodson DAC218
Today, I'd have to go with a VAC Phi Beta integrated amp. I'd like to think it's a statement piece of electronics that I would not get the itch to replace.

Next week it might be something else!
A Blowtorch. Still just a dream...
An AudioNote DAC 5.1x Signature to run into it.
I would never buy anything more if could afford:
Krell FPB 450Mcx monoblocks amplification
Dynaudio Master Reference speakers
A room big enough for proper placement

Manley Stingray. I just lust for one of these.
I have a VPI MK3,and would change this with the VPI HRX,and purchase the 13k Koetsu Tiger Eye Platinum Gold Phono Cartridge,and also buy the Manley Steelhead to put in front of my CJ PV-5 IS THIS OVERKILL?
avantgarde trio with basshorns or acapella violon to replace my b&w signature 805.
if i have more jadis amps, i would go for a pair of b&w nautilus (seashells).
i am also drooling over a jadis jps2 and reimyo cdp-777.
Brinkmann La Grange with Tube PS.
Ahh, decisions, decisions . . .

Playing by Sir Teajay's rules, either the Reimyo CDP-777, Pathos Endorphin CDP, or a pair of Vitus SM-101 Amps will be just fine with me.
a perfect room
hahahah, ill second the perfect room. priceless!
Sound of music that will take me to heaven without spending a million!