Your Preference U24, Xitel, M-Audio or Edirol ???

I have been reading up on all of the threads on using one of these devices from my PC (Dell PC - Windows XP) into my DAC. It looks like I need to buy one of these devices as the first step. I need some help on selecting one so any help you can provide or a preference would be much appreciated on one of the following:

Waveterminal U24
Xitel HiFi Pro Link
Edirol UA-5
M-Audio Revolution 5.1

Thanks and Happy Listening.
I've not tried the others you mention, but I do use a Waveterminal U24 and cannot tell the difference between my Mac based system via the U24 vs. my transport going through the same DAC. Needless to say, I'm very happy with the U24. I think they've discontinued it though.

I hated my M-Audio. It was junk.
An external unit with a seperate power supply should perform better than an internal card.
If you can find one with coax digital out to the DAC, that may be a little better. Most are toslink???
Is there a good online source (Canada/US) for the Waveterminal U24? that is if it is still available. I am looking to getting started on a hard drive based system using an Apple powerbook.


The Edirol UA-5 or the Waveterminal are both decent quality stock, but both have to be purchased used. Forget about the Xitel. Uses the native PC drivers. Xitel is beyond help. The M-audio stuff is superb, but only if modded.
Peter (Bigkidz), it looks like there is another decent USB to S/PDIF converter:

Hagerman USB to S/PDIF Converter

I found some discussion here on Agon, but not much yet. Hagerman is pretty well know for great products though.

Hagerman does not provide a PC driver. If you are using a MAC, then it should work well.
Well, I guess I am in luck with my Apple Powerbook then :) - the best investment ever...
At the above HagUSB page, it says "HagUsb is compatible with both Windows XP and Mac OS-X"

so what does it mean by Hagerman does not provide a PC driver?
Use a Chaintec 710 pc card with kernel streaming to the DAC for bit perfect output. No need to spend copious amounts of money to output to the DAC. You now have bypassed the Kmixer from Windows. Foobar 2000 as the frontend for the card. Bingo.