Your Pick Between These Two...

Room acoustics/size, equipment and musical tastes, all relative, which would you chose?

Joseph Audio Perspectives or Magico A3's

I'll leave it open, as I know there will be a multitude of other offerings. All other suggestions are greatly welcomed as long as you feel they may compete with all the requirements and SQ of the two originals in question. Particularly, if they come in under priced!

elliottbnewcombjr - Is neither an option? Your suggestions?

chorus- Thumbs up on Fritz but I don't think he offers a floorstanders.

contuzzi - Neither? And your suggestions?

Really good & interesting comments by the others, thank you.

JA Perspectives , listening to them now and acoustic instruments sound like they should as if I'm sitting in the hall listening to them play. 
I have heard Magico A3s and Joseph Audio Pulsars on a few occasions in a few different systems at audio shows. Magicos, to me, sound a touch antiseptic--not involving. The Pulsars were transparent, dynamic, colorful and truly wonderful speakers. If the Perspectives are anything like the Pulsars--I would run to the Perspectives and not look back. 
What size room and what flavor music?  Then whats your budget for components. Sometimes a sealed box will give you better bass, but a bigger room might need more. 
Yes, I mean't the most recent version of the Cornwall. I have heard the 3's and everyone says the 4's are even better. If you love tube amps these are tops. Add two subwoofers (or more) and you will have a system that will loaf along at concert levels with representative low end which is critical for the "live" effect.