Your perfectly produced/performed studio rock song

Mine: the title track of The Tubes' "Young and Rich" lp. Simple, yet deeply moving lyrics. Sung from the heart. The killer organ solo is as soulful as the vocals. Impeccably miked/recorded.

Yours: ???
... light bulbs with shades in every room.... Ha! Funny Stuff! Fee and Spooner at their best.

The Tubes! Good stuff.

For those not familiar, here are the lyrics:

Young & Rich
Lyrics by Spooner

Young and rich
Everything I desire
Light bulbs with shades
in every room
And work is play--believe me
Nothing must come too hard
It comes in the mail
most everyday

I could respect a man who had it all
and he'd toss the ball away
I know I'm not that kind
I wouldn't mind to
have a chance thrown my way

Famous friends
Big parties for me
every night like tonight
Am I a fool to want it all

I could respect a man who had it all
and he'd toss the ball away
Because you know I'm not that kind
I wouldn't mind to
have a chance thrown my way

Young and rich
With everything I desire
Everything I need
in every room

With everything I desire
filling every room
Everything I need--and maybe some more things I don't need, you know
filling every room
Everything I need
filling every room
Loggins & Messina, Pathway to Glory
Almost any song off of Steely Dan's "Aja" and/or "Gaucho" albums.
Poco's "Legend".
Mark Knopfler's "Sailing To Philadelphia"
Pat Mehteny's "Imaginary Day"
Porcupibe Tree's "In Absentia" and "Lightbulb Sun"
Joni Mitchell's "Court & Spark"
Jennifer Warnes' "Famous Blue Raincoat"

The Afghan Whigs "Now You Know" from Gentleman, one of the best rock records ever made.
Simon & Garfunkel, Bridge Over Troubled Water, the whole album is perfectly produced.

And then there's Sergeant Pepper. Oh, and the Beatles/Martin "Love" album. Haven't heard it on vinyl but the DVD tracks, extracted and played back in hi-res with Amarra, are produced dang well.
The Blue Nile "Hats " and "Walk across the roof tops " lp
"Is It A Crime" Sade

"Wish You Were Here" Pink Floyd

"Woman in Chains" Tears for Fears
Ive had that Tubes LP since I was 16,very well recorded!Still sounds great, despite the lowly Turntables it has been played on in its early years."Proud to be an American"
kd lang, "Constant Craving"
The Beatles, "Dear Prudence"; Roxy Music "A really good time"
K.D. Lang was a good call. Add Collective Soul's "December" and Counting Crows "Anna begins", guilty pleasure goes to Tears for Fears "sewing the seeds of love".
Good Vibrations also deserves to be mentioned here.
The Who "Who are you?" is a great studio cut.
Collective Soul is surprisingly consistent in these regards throughout their catalog.

How about "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay?
"Take Care the Path You Choose" Richard Thompson from Sweet Warrior
I don't know about "perfect", but I really like the studio production values of the Tears For Fear video homage to the Beatles: SOWING THE SEEDS OF LOVE
the high res version is much better, but here's a low res version:
I thought so too "un"
Except I spelled it wrong lol
One song? "There's a Bag of Weights in the Back of My Car," by Pinebender. Just got the 2xLP of the band's "Things Are About to Get Weird," and it's just staggering. I took a few minutes and banged out a review of it that is wending its way through moderation. Demonstration-quality sonics, as long as you fancy a demonstration of a three-piece band trying to break stuff.
"One Tin Soldier" by Coven?
Another choice: "The Theme from Shaft" by Isaac Hayes. Panpotting raised to an art form.
"The Theme from Shaft"

That's a good one!

There is a good version on one of the Stax Anthology CDs. Really sounds good!

Bohemian Rhapsody (though over-played on classic rock radio) too.
"expecting to fly", the buffalo springfield song. its producer, jack neitzche, is best known for beating up neil young's ex-girlfriend, the actress carrie snodgrass.