Your opinions on cross-wiring the binding posts?

Australian cable manufacturer Eichmann, promotes a cross-wire configuration when connecting one set of non bi-wire speaker cables to speakers that have bi-wire or two sets of binding posts. In this configuration, the signal (positive) cable is connected to the positive (red) input on the treble or high frequency set of binding posts and the return (negative) is connected to the negative (black) input on the low frequency or bass set. The jumpers, of course, must be in place.
I don't see how that would make much of a difference. Anyone else with some thoughts?
Once upon a time I had biwire speakers. I tried all configurations. Jumpers to the highs, jumpers to the lows, cross positive to highs, cross positive to lows.
What sounded best? Well, that depends on what you feel is important. They all had a different presentation. I was not fully satisfied with any of the configurations until I got a good set of jumpers. A high quality pair of jumpers is more important than which configuration you choose. A really good pair of jumpers will make the differences extremely small, even unnoticeable.
I ended up getting a set of Jena labs jumpers. With these in place I had a hard time telling which setup was better. The other option is biwire speaker cables but I never cared for that.
I don't have the speakers anymore. But I still have the jumpers. Just in case I need them some day.