Your opinions on Audio Artistry?

I have on loan the AA Dvorak Dipole speaker. Faboulus airy sound with high resolution and very deep bass. Perhaps lacking a bit warmth and "body" around the instruments and vocals. Needs two good amps since the subs are not powered. Any comments on the Dvorak sound comparing to other high end speakers would be welcome. Living in Sweden the Dvorak is surly a rare bird but I been puzzled that AA brand are nearly ever mentioned on the net.AA Beethoven was speaker of the year in s´phil 98 but I have never read any coments about AA after that in the press. And you never sees any Dvorak on the used net market. Are AA very smal in US? Aperently they have never been a succes in USA? Perhaps they will soon be out of buisiness?
You're correct in that Audio Artistry does have a low profile in the U.S. This in spite of the fact that their products have received rave reviews (Stereophile, Fi, Positive Feedback). A local Chicago dealer (who does not carry the line) told me that one customer traded in Audio Physics Meadea and another sold his Avalon Ascents in order to buy AA products. The dealer commented that they were speakers for people who really know what live music sounds like. As such he didn't think they would sell to the typical audiophile. I considered buying a pair (Dvorak Signatures), but the complications of a bi-amped system ultimately eliminated them from my consideration. I can't comment on their business status other than to say that they maintain a current website (
Hello, Audio Artistry is manufactured in North Carolina and do a very good overseas trade. A local dealer here is or was affiliated with them and he has not mentioned anything remotely close to them closing down shop. As a matter of fact they seem to have quite a backlog. If you would like more info you can call Tom Hoffman, Advanced Audio 919-481-3880 EST, Cary, N.C.
I own original Dvoraks. They have a quite neutral sound but must be played a little louder than I can manage (apartment dweller) to sound their best. They don't image as well as I'd like (compared to, say, Dunlavy SC-IV) but huge pieces of foam in the rear makes them acceptable. I would not buy them again because: 1. Entirely cloth wrapped means if you blow a tweeter, they ship back to the factory for repair, 2. There is no used market for them (maybe $2000 for the whole kit (mains & subs)), 3. I had very bad customer service from the factory on warranty matters (my speaker wire connectors all failed due to cracked plastic and they said I "tightend them to much" even though they came supplied with a "postman" tightening device for just this purpose. All-in-all I wish I hadn't gone down that road.
Thanks for your ansers. Im bit puzzled about the low used price. 2000 dollars seems a bargian if you can get them for that. More opionions of the used priced are welcome Ì have now on loan 2 ARC VT100II and the worlds "best" cables Silversmith (very expensiv,rave review in Ultimate Audio) and the sound is outstanding. But the price of the package is astronomical!!
Don't know anything about AA, but Tom is a good guy, and if he has some connection to AA will give you good advice/info.