Your opinions on an AC incident

I bought a new power cord for the subwoofer and instead of using the dedicated line w/PS Audio power port I plugged it into a regular outlet which happens to be the first outlet on that circuit about 5 or 6 ft. from the breaker box.It sounded great,tighter articulate bass,better dynamics,etc.But it was also grainy.So I plugged it into the dedicated line[26 ft. from breaker box] which means running it in front of a doorway where it cannot remain,[ the previous cord was flat enough to fit under a cord cover]but just to hear the difference.

The grain was gone,but the entire presentation became smooth and veiled.I don't know if the power port is to blame or the length of the wiring run.So my next move should be which of the following?
#1 Run about 10 ft. of romex from the power port to another power port close to the sub, basicly having two outlets on the dedicated circuit.

#2 Replace the cheap outlet on the 1st circuit closest to the breaker box with a power port.

#3 Replace the power port with two better performing outlets,and on the same line or the separate lines?

Any opinions or similar experiences will be welcome
Are we talking about sounds coming from a subwoofer??? From what you are describing I'd be checking your crossover point
My fault for an incomplete description.The sub is hooked up via speaker cables from mono block amps,then from sub to main speakers.Why does changing outlets change the sound?Is it the outlets themselves or the length of the run from the breaker box?It's obviously one or the other.It would be simpler to change out an outlet rather than cutting,drilling,etc. to run a second outlet on the dedicated line.Any thoughts about this are appreciated.
Changing the outlet is a simple and inexpensive experiment. Many people have noticed a big difference just making that change. I do have to agree with Justlisten, and maybe you could clarify further, but grain is not something I would associate with a 30hz signal. Did this induce grain from the main speakers?
Yes, the grain was on all frequencies.The main speakers are run from the sub, the sub is run from the amps not the preamp, so one thing effects all others.As stated in the first post,I have a dedicated line w/PS Audio outlet installed.All of the other components are on the dedicated line.Using that outlet for the sub the grain is gone,but so are the dynamics.Plugged into the cheap outlet which is a short distance from the breaker box the system sounds great,except for the grain.
I think I will just go ahead and change out the cheap outlet and see what ensues.It's possible the new cord on the sub has revealed that separate lines are needed.Thanks, and really beautiful system Brownsfan!
Thanks for the complement on my system. Stay tuned, my new preamp will be in my livingroom this evening.

I have had a very positive experience with the duplexes sold by Audio Magic. In my case, the improvement was nothing short of amazing. Jerry is a great guy to deal with and also may be able to offer some insight as to what is going on. I suggest you go to the AM website and shoot Jerry an e-mail. He is usually pretty quick to respsond.
Thanks for the recommendation,I was doing some research on outlets other than PS Audio and not seeing much interesting.Lots of BS.One company recommended taking the electrical box out of the wall and installing their outlet with no covering.Never heard of electrical codes?Hope your new preamp works out well for you!
Jtcf, I have tried the PS audio outlets. The audio Magic outlets are better in my experience.