Your opinion: Teslaplex or Oyaide R1 Outlet

IF the sound you prefer is a dynamic crystal clear window on the recording with transparency, clarity, and firm deep bass.

I know some of you have all Synergistic Research cabling and use the Teslaplex outlet. I'd like to hear from those of you with a mix of cables rather than all SR cables since all SR cables in a system will make it tough to evaluate the affects of the outlet alone.

Thank you.
Oyaide R1 is a good component. Tough to measure the affects of firm deep bass from an AC outlet.

Shunyata SR-Z1 are used in my system. When compared to the standard consumer AC outlet this is what I found:

Increased clarity, transparency and a bit smoother than the standard AC outlet. The build quality is significant and easily identified when you hold the outlet in your hand..."heavy little suckers." In addition, the vulcan grip is a plus for plugging-in power amp and preamp.

Side note. My electrician tested the lines for noise and said they were significantly lower in noise.
I had the Oyaide R1, GX and XXX outlets. I got rid of them all because it drove me crazy interchanging them. I didn't care to play the warmer or more detailed game with them.

I tried the SR TeslaPlex because Lloyd Walker recommended them to me. I didn't keep those either, BUT, I heard later that I may not have given them enough time to break in. That's nothing against them, it just may have been my mistake.

I currently use two different outlets: the Porter Port and the Avatar Afterburner 8. I think that they are as uncolored and pure, and quiet.

I know that a lot of people swear by the Oyaide outlets, but I'm trying to stay with outlets and cables that introduce as little as possible into the music.

I have two Teslaplex installed in my system. It is very neutral and dynamic. For my subwoofer and projector, it is perfect. For my amp and source however, I had to re-arrange my other outlets to accommodate its addition in order to reduce brightness. So, its a matter of where you are (current leaning/bias in your system) and where you want to go. I do not have the R1 but do have the SWO XXX. The later is more forgiving and of a warmer character. You may have to experiment to get the right balance with different outlets just like cables. In addition to the above, I also have various other outlets from other manufacturers. Luckily, I now have a good balance/combination that works.