Your Opinion Please / SF Grand Piano H/ Cary SLI80

I have just moved and am lucky enough to have a new (larger) dedicated listening room. I have had great results with my current Sonus Faber Concerto Homes paired with my Cary SLI-80. However in my new room, I am just not getting the bass response as I think the room is just too large. I also find myself having to turn the volume more than I used to just to get the same volume.

Anyway, not a big fan of subwoofers for music, I purchased a pair of Sonus Faber Grand Piano Homes which arrive tomorrow. My room is approximately 12'w x 22'L. The concertos are rated at 88dB 1W1M and the Grand Pianos are rated at 90dB 1W1M.

My question is for those who own them, or have owned them. Do you think the Cary will be sufficient to run these in the 40W mode? I listen to rock mainly and at a fairly decent volume in my new room? The amp has always been more than enough power until recently. Any comments would greatly be appreciated.

Many Thanks,

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I loved your speakers! Auditioned them last week, in the large room, and with hi power ss amp. Actually A/V receiver. The room you will be using is not enormous, and I believe you'll do just fine with Cary aps.
I'm using Cary SLI-80 in a fairly large room with Silverline Sonatina II's and I found that adding a REL Strata III sub made a substantial improvement. Oddly the sub seems to improve the sound quality from top to bottom.
I just set them up and the Cary seems to power them perfectly so no worries! Now I just need to break them in. Whew! If I had to buy a new amp, I would be getting divorced at this point!

Thanks for all the input..