Your opinion of McIntosh MC 240 tubed amp

I cannot find much written about this '60's era amplifier. I am interested in feedback comparing this older amp to newer tubed amps and would like to hear your opinions...both pro and con. Thanks.
Vintage gear in general needs recap. The old capacitors are leaky. Out of spec is what makes it sound "inaccurate"
The MC240 has fuller sound in mids compared to the modern tube amps at the same power level. If recap properly, it can have the same high and low frequency extension as modern amp. I have not heard of Audio Note 6L6 type of amp so I can't make a direct comparison. In my system, compared to Vac and Bat, it does have nicer sound in mid range. I like the VTLs more than Vac and Bat.
MC240 is point to point which is easier repair. The only problem you might have is finding the original coupling capacitors.
Check Audioasylum, hktubeaudio yahoo group, and news groups for more information on MC240.
Vintage mac Solid state may sound better? The 240 will sound soft and warm but won't have much above 15khz.
Elevick, your MC240 might need to be recap. My MC240 has freq from 5hz to 30Khz.
I must second the correction above. A properly operating MC240 is flat out to about 40 khz at 40 watts and 3 dB down at 100khz with one watt out. When a MC240 has a recapped audio, feedback section and power supply it will sound quite modern. If you are judging the sound of a unit with out of spec old parts this is not the real MC240.

Thx Ron for Correcting my typo : )