Your Opinion ....merits of a Shunyata Sigma Pwer Cord HC on a LIne conditioner

I was considering that power cord for my line conditioner which is toroidal based. I was wondering based on the construction of the cord ;  what effect did that cord have on your line conditioner itself ? Does anyone use that power cord with a non-based Shunyata line conditioner and what was your sonic opinion ? is the Sigma HC on a solid state amplifier ? I could use it two different applications. Thank you in advance.  
…. I also obviously do not know how to use spell check or type efficiently !
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....thank you Ms Elizabeth as your experience is always welcome and useful. I have an aftermarket power cord on my line conditioner now ; I was inquiring on what an opinion would be from someone who actually has a Shunyata Sigma HC in their system now. That's what I was looking for.....    
@garebear are you switching from your Clear Beyond XL's?
Hello Mikey  - had an extra cord so I put it on Audiogon to sell.   
@[email protected]  I am using a Shunyata Sigma HC pc for my Krell Fpb 600.  
Btw I am also using Shunyata sigma digital pc for my Rega Isis Cdp and Shunyata King Cobra for my ARC Ref 6.  
Adding my query to this thread - has anyone compared Cardas Clear Beyond to the Shunyata Zitron Alpha Digital on a digital source or DAC?
I am after a fuller and warmer sound.