Your ONE all time favorite love song?

For me it's "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" by Roberta Flack, from her CD "Softly with These Songs, the Best of Roberta Flack", on Atlantic. I'm looking for LOVE SONGS. Thanks and Cheers. Craig
"The Greatest Discovery" Elton John, awesome live version on the "Live in Australia" record. Essentially the song is about a young child meeting his/her sibling for the first time. Can't beat that.
My all time favorites are love never dies parts I,II,III by Apoptygma Bezerk.
"At Last" - Etta James did the original version and there is a spectacular cut by Eva Cassidy.
'I LOve Paris'

Not that I really love Paris, or even France for that matter. I just think the song is great to dance close to.

'The Way You Look Tonite'

Another favorite of mine.

I'll tell ya, Buddy Holly's "True Love Ways" is really a quite simple, beautiful love song, and that blusy sax solo really sets the mood. It's tough to name just one, just another that hasn't but should be mentioned especially knowing you're a Buddy Holly fan Craig.