Your next state-of-the art speaker s ??? :-

Just found this :,,t269-s2106596,00.html
Yes, I have heard that the sound is absolutly stunning when they are attached to 4' tall vases from the Ming Dyansty and/or similar sized chunks of rare moon rock.
For those who's residence shares a wall with a neighbor, this device is going to have the police at your door before the first cut finishes.

Guess you could attach it to the glass in the police car on the way to the station.
Sorry, I'm waiting for the Signature version. Perhaps if we attached it to a stretched piece of Mylar we'd have the equivalent of Martin Logan Statements for less than $100. Could call them the "Under-Statements"!
I like the idea of attaching a couple to my dog, a big wide Lab, so I can listen to tunes while we do our daily walks in the woods.
I too have attached these to my girlfriends throat... Now, whenever she nags me, it comes out as the Barber of Seville!
Would that make the dog a "Sound Lab"? I'll be here all week, folks....
prince, I like that! The Sound-Lab! YES!
Rcprince, I can't follow that act. Goodnight everybody!