Your most played songs

Although this can vary alot and sometimes can be hard to choose. What are your most played songs that you keep coming back for more it sound good or the lyrics or both?

Here are a few of mine:

Tanya Tucker and Delbert McClinton-Tell me about it(live)

Dire Straits-Money for Nothing

Boston-Don't Look Back,Forplay/Longtime

Bruce Springsteen-Brilliant Disguise

Eagles-Hotel California(live)

Norah Jones-Turn Me On, Lonestar

Rush-Tom Sawyer, Red Sector A

Train-I am, Homesick
Money Makes The World Go Round (L. Minelli)
Jailhouse Rock cover by Residents.
I have a lot of "favorite" songs, but one that I find myself returning to year after year is Charles Earland's "More Today than Yesterday."
Highend - if you like Rush, check out the song Clockwork Angels from the album of the same title.

The intro is AWESOME.
"When the healing has begun" Van Morrison - Into The Music
Grateful Dead "Dark Star" The problem is, I keep changing the date of the show.

Relax, have a Clown Shoes "Chocolate Sombrero" and listen to some Dead of course...
"Desolation Row" Bob Dylan
Goes in waves at times, but looking through iTunes easy to count. I find it is reflective of some high and lows in my life.

1. Save the Children, The Intruders, Best of
2. Best of Me & Don't Count Me Out, Marvin Sapp, Here I Am
3. I'll Love You, Joe Sample, Ashes to Ashes.

For the last few days really going old school with EARTH, WIND AND FIRE.
Kate & Anna McGarrigle/Rufus Wainwright - "What'll I Do"
Emmylou Harris/LInda Ronstadt "Western Wall"
Shelby Lynne "The Thief"
Sloan Wainwright "Today"
Eric Clapton "How Deep is the Ocean/Rocking Chair"
Phoebe Snow "Either or Both"
Brandi Carlisle "That Wasn't Me"
Tracy Chapman "I Did It All"
Gillian Welch "The Way It Goes:
Joan Baez "You're Aging Well"
Miles Davis "Love for Sale" (Cole Porter)
Over the past month, here's my top 7 most played songs from my itunes playlist:

1. Dead Can Dance, "Opium"
2. Vienna Teng, "The Aetheist Christmas Carol"
3. Cowboy Junkies, "We are the Selfish Ones"
4. Mary Carpinter, "10,000 Miles"
5. Alexi Murdoch, "Song for You"
6. The Be Good Tanyas, "The Littlest Birds"
7. Lucinda Willims, "Blessed"
"Wouldn't it be Nice" by The Beach Boys
"The Hammond Song" by The Roches
"So Much Mine" by The Story
"Long Hot Summer" by The Style Council
And, just to bring it up to date a bit (and to make my list a tad less wimpy)
"Fell in Love with a Girl" by The White Stripes