Your method for discovering great music.

I'm in a slump. It has been a while since I've discovered new music that I really like. And when I say "new" I mean new to me. Maybe even rediscovered would count as new.

I do not have a method. I usually stumble into new music that I like. I also don't have loads of hours to sort through tons of stuff I don't like. Plus I find that random sort of pursuit to be frustrating and unrewarding most of the time.

Amazon Music had half decent 'recommended for you' lists but I don't recall if that ever paid off. I use Qobuz now which sucks in that particular department.

I've found a few bands that I like from recommendations here at Audiogon but I have not been here much lately.

So I'm curious as to how some of you approach that search for great music that is either actually new, new to you or rediscovered.


My method for discovering great music: I walk over to my record shelves, grab an LP and put it on my turntable. Works every time.

  • Choose some favorites on Tidal and let Tidal's radio take over when my selections are finished.  I write down the names of the artists/songs I like,
  • Just added Qobuz, which opened up a new library of music
  • My neighbor is in a blues band so I listen to their gigs or practices occasionally and write down selections that I enjoy but have not heard
  • Listen to Sirius XM in my vehicle and occasionally hear new music on BB King's Blues, Lithium, or one of the other stations
  • Suggestions from posts here on Audiogon and suggestions by my friends

@aewarren Yes, I have a lot of great recorded music in my collection. And I do play a lot of it, well, a lot. But to me, that rarely represents a discovery or broadens my horizon any further than that music already has.


@mahgister I used to subscribe to a magazine called The Oxford American which was a southern art and culture magazine. Over the years it got predictably ideological to the point of being a cliche'  and I stopped subscribing but every year they came out with the music edition. That edition included a CD of various artists from the south across all genres. Some were extremely obscure and some were superstars. The magazine would have articles about all of the artists and songs on the CD. In the late 90s and early 2000s these CDs and magazines greatly broadened my musical horizons. I still pick up the yearly music edition from time to time. It has been a few years though. Not sure you still get an actual CD. I have 15 or twenty years worth of those CDs and they are priceless. In fact, some of them that are hard to find are fetching silly amounts of money.

I have found quite a bit of new music (and older music) from Spotify---once a week I see a new list on my Release Radar and Discover Weekly charts.