Your method for discovering great music.

I'm in a slump. It has been a while since I've discovered new music that I really like. And when I say "new" I mean new to me. Maybe even rediscovered would count as new.

I do not have a method. I usually stumble into new music that I like. I also don't have loads of hours to sort through tons of stuff I don't like. Plus I find that random sort of pursuit to be frustrating and unrewarding most of the time.

Amazon Music had half decent 'recommended for you' lists but I don't recall if that ever paid off. I use Qobuz now which sucks in that particular department.

I've found a few bands that I like from recommendations here at Audiogon but I have not been here much lately.

So I'm curious as to how some of you approach that search for great music that is either actually new, new to you or rediscovered.


@reubent What is this internet you speak of?

I can certainly check out Spotify but Radio Paradise sounds more my speed.

@n80  - Radio Paradise is really good. Like a cool radio station from back in the day, but you can skip over stuff you don't like. Also, they stream in resolution up to FLAC (highest lossless resolution), so it sounds really great.

Spotify is good, because you can play whatever you want. And, after a while, it's algorithm "knows" what you like and makes recommendations based on what you've played, or "liked". Also, the algorithm changes if/when you change styles. Another good feature is that it will continue to play after whatever you choose, so it will continue to play similar music once your selection is done.

Great stuff! Also,are you keeping an eye on the "What's playing on your turntable tonight", "What's playing on your system tonight", "What are you streaming tonight", "What's playing on your CD Player (The minority report") and "Song of the day" threads on AudiogoN? Great stuff mentioned there...

Will never really love music if you don't go to listen to live music .

Except for rock which will only give you bad taste .


@reubent Enjoying listening to Radio Paradise already.

@jim5559 I listen to live music whenever I can.

Including rock.

And I have impeccable taste. 😎