Your method for discovering great music.

I'm in a slump. It has been a while since I've discovered new music that I really like. And when I say "new" I mean new to me. Maybe even rediscovered would count as new.

I do not have a method. I usually stumble into new music that I like. I also don't have loads of hours to sort through tons of stuff I don't like. Plus I find that random sort of pursuit to be frustrating and unrewarding most of the time.

Amazon Music had half decent 'recommended for you' lists but I don't recall if that ever paid off. I use Qobuz now which sucks in that particular department.

I've found a few bands that I like from recommendations here at Audiogon but I have not been here much lately.

So I'm curious as to how some of you approach that search for great music that is either actually new, new to you or rediscovered.


Mostly still the radio and Shazam. I have also used free Pandora and it will take you to the stuff you might like. 

I've found more new music in the last 5 years, than in the previous 15-20. For me, it's Radio Paradise (main mix) and Spotify Discover Weekly. Also, there are 3-4 very active music threads here on AudiogoN that have been very valuable in that respect.

Do you have Spotify? Maybe I can make my "Discovered" playlist public so you can leverage it. It has grown to 283 tracks, 20 hours of music. Most tracks are new discoveries, but there are a few rediscovered treasures.

I do not have Spotify.

I used to rely on radio too. But it is pretty stagnant in this radio market. Have not explored internet radio much.

@danager What got me thinking about this is my wife and I just watched a movie called High Fidelity with John Cusack and Jack Black. It was about a guy who owned a vinyl store and there was a lot of dialogue about obscure music. The music credits were helpful.

As I type this I'm listening to St. Paul and the Broken Bones new album. Totally new direction from them. Sounds A LOT like Alabama Shakes second album which I had mixed feelings about. I'm kind of enjoying this but it is severely dynamically compressed (just like everything Alabama Shakes released) and I'm having a hard time getting past that.

Just saw St Paul and the broken bones this morning on CBS Morn ing Saturday.  Was gonna check them out.  Never heard of them the twice in one day.  Music is strange