Your memory of Audio Marketing, esp. B.S.

O.K. most of us old f--ts remember "the Copper Top Battery,  "when it rains, it pours", "I'd walk a mile for a Camel"(wouldn't go accross the street for a woman), "the quicker picker upper" and so very much more.  Kind of sad that most of us can do a commercial product jingle from an ad that hasn't been used for 20+ years.

My question is, what are/is some of the great Audio marketing B.S. phrases, slogans..etc. from the extended history of audio/high-end audio.  The first one is (with Ella) "is it live or is it Memorex", and of course we knew that Ella was great and Memorex was not. 


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The natives are restless today.
That’s not what Julian Hirsch said.

From somewhere in cyberspace,

“For example, in April 1977, he stated: “I do not believe that any amplifier that is reasonably good and operating as intended has any sound quality of its own, at least not in the sense that phono cartridges, speakers, and listening rooms have their distinctive sounds.”

His statement predated the advent of CD players by the way.

It appears he never actually commented on the sound of components he tested. And he didn’t believe in wire or cables. Kind of like a lot of people today, no?
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