Your last speaker?

Curious did anyone stop looking?
Obviously synergy is paramount therefore what components took your system THERE?
I think that I am finally at a stopping point with my B&W Signature 800's. They do everything that I want them to do. After a certain point, there are no earthshattering changes. I had N801's before that, many Klipsch horn speakers before that and started with JBL's in the 1980's.

The Klipschorns were a lot of fun because they are very hands on if you prefer, meaning that I built crossovers, then used a digital active crossover with tri-amps, etc. I still have a bunch of parts to put together a three way horn system and may complete it some day.

In any event, additional changes really are not worth it at this time and the horn project will just be a fun project.
Yes. PK-refurbished Quad 57s -- after 25 years I finally bought what I should have gotten in the first place. They work beautifully with either a 6 wpc PX-25 amp or an Aleph J.

I have kept (and am currently using) my Fab Audio Model 1's with the same amps.
I'm right there with the orion + speakers too. They do things that takes many times the price to do with other speakers. chadnliz you should really do yourself a favor and get a listen to these speakers if you like th 5a's. I also sold electrostatics after I heard these speakers. VERY satisfied.