Your last concert was to see who and when?

Pretty simple, what and when was your last concert?
I saw Bryan Adams in the early 80's when he was getting started. He rocked pretty hard back then. Good opener for Foreigner and Lover Boy.

Last night I went to see The Struts again. In Charlotte this time. And once again it was a great show. Crowd is fully engaged for the full 2 hours. Great songs. Great execution. Great showmanship.

If you like good old fashioned 70-80's rock (think Queen) then you should seek this band out and see them live. Their recordings are good but the live show is among the best I've seen. But you need to know the lyrics....there is a lot of crowd participation.

Unfortunately my right ear plug must not have been in all the way and I've got loud(er) ringing and an echo sensation. Uncomfortable.

Going to see them in Charleston tomorrow night. Will make sure ear plugs are well situated.

In a few weeks I'm going to see JD McPherson in Asheville at a very small venue. It will be a big change from the Struts! Looking forward to that. If you have not heard of him look up his latest two albums. Talented musician with a very talented band. Sort of retro 50's style rock/ rock-a-billy. More down to earth and less swing than the Stray Cats.

Haven't gone to rock shows in years but have discovered the small venue/newer artist scene and I'm loving it.

Tedeschi Trucks on Mother’s Day is San Diego, stellar three plus hour show....yowsa...

next up at the Belly Up, Solana Beach is Patty Griffin and then John 

hopefully the road goes on forever...
Saw Gary Clark at the new Met concert hall in Philly. He was terrific and the Met is magnificent. Seeing Peter Frampton there next month, can’t wait. 
Many concert are so stupidly expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am paying about $225 to take my daughter to 21 Pilots for sh#t seats.
I will be seeing Kurt Vile for free in an outdoor concert this summer. That's more like it.
@toddnkaya : That's why I'm enjoying small venue acts so much now.

I saw the Struts again last night. Drove down to Charleston, which is a super fun place anyway. Tickets were $25 and we were maybe 8 rows from the stage. Stayed in a nice hotel for less than $300. That less than what you pay for two tickets with big acts in big venues....and as you say, that's not the good seats.

It was another great show but sort of strange this time. The last two shows they played for close to two hours. Last night they played for about an hour and 15 minutes and left out their signature closing song. They still put on a good show and everything seemed to be okay. Crowd super into the show. But, at one point the lead singer, Luke Spiller, said "I'm a wreck tonight" and my wife thought his voice was off a little so maybe he was starting to lose his voice. I know that this was the third of 4 shows in a row they were playing.

I'd go see them again tomorrow if they came close by. Such a blast.