Your insight on a CDP purchase

I am trying to decide on a new CD player. It has come down to a new ModWright 999ES with Platinum Signature mods @ $2600 (includes player) or a used Prima 24/192 Mk II CD player at $1400. The rest of my system:

AES Six Pac Tube Mono’s (EL34’s)
Belles 21A tube pre with Auricap upgrade
Merlin TSM-MX monitors
Cabling is TG Audio and Cardas GR

I initially wanted the ModWright but am now thinking about the additional $1200 cost over the Prima, not to mention the instant depreciation. On the other hand, I am sure the Modwright is as good as it gets or close to it for a decent price. Or does the Prima come close to the Modwright? There have been a couple threads/comments on the Modwright/Prima but any additional insight would be appreciated. I am not going to be upgrading the rest of my system (I don’t think) any time soon.

Call Dave Schulte at The Upgrade Company if you want the most out of your money. I have a CDP, Amp and speakers that have all been upgraded by him and I could not be happier.
Why don't you wait for a used Modwright to come along?
I see them pop up fo sale here once or twice a month it seems.

Pick up the one Dolfan just listed today and be done with it.

Excellent, highly musical player, won't disappoint you. Mine has bettered an Audio Aero Prima DAC (same one as used in the Capitole) on redbook easily, and you have the added benefit of SACD. I have owned both at the same time. Truly a no brainer....

Agree completely with 1markr. I've had the Modwright 999es for about a month, and it is just stunning. SACD is certainly a nice bonus, and redbook play is tremendous. I saw Dolfan's ad, and agree that this is a no brainer. Jump on it and don't look back.
It's hard to beat a great player that has been modded for the money compared with a stock player. I'm not saying it's always the case, but buying something just to be done with it will cause you to have buyer remorse a few months down the road and to waste money getting what you weren't willing to wait for in the first place. Trust me I've been there. Patience is rewarding unless you have nothing to listen with right now.
Thank you everyone, I followed through on my intended purchase of the Modwright 999ES. Got cold feet for a second. Boy, that Prima is at an attractive price though.

Now, the big dilemma. How do I respond to the question:



Congratulations on your new Modwright. Once you hear it, I doubt you'll worry anymore about the price of that Prima or how to respond to questions about your purchase.
Happy listening!

You're kidding, right?

Enjoy your new Modwright.