Your help please.

Hello, I'm looking for someone who can lend me their black plastic remote control for a Cary 303/100 cdp. My remote decided to poop out on me, but now I have a universal remote that can read the codes off of a factory remote. Problem is that my factory remote doesn't seem to work properly. I will pay s/h both ways and when the remote arrives, I will ship it back to you asap if not the same day. Thanks for any help.
Does your learning remote have the ability to be programed with a set code for a specific manufacturer / model? I do not have the remote you need but had the same situation and will pass along what worked. I did not have the original remote to a CJ transport and wanted to program codes into a learning remote used to control several other components. I contacted CJ and they told me that my transport's remote codes would work with a Phillips based remote. I bought an inexpensive universal remote (controls TV and 3 other components)that worked based on 6 digit codes for vaious models/manufacturers and punched in the code for a Phillips CD player, and then used the inexpensive univrsal to program my learning remote. Worked great and the Phillips code functions were the same as my CJ. If you contact Cary I am sure they will tell you what platform the 303/100 is based on. The universal I bought was only $12, about the cost of two way S&H to borrow someone's Cary remote I would imagine.
where are you located?
Bsmith15- The universal remote control that I'm using is a Logitech Harmony 520 and not really sure if I can program a code without having to go through the online setup program. Cary sent me a word document that is called the Cary CD303 IR remote codes. In the document it says "All codes - to Philips RC-5 standard. Does this mean that I would use a Philips code in the setup? Thanks.

Dwhitt- I'm in Wilmington, NC.
give me your address and ill send it to you if not ill bring it to you one of these pretty days....i am in burlington dub
If you look in your Logitech Remote supported device code book for the Philips code - enter it into the remote as if your gear is Philips, it will assign the full set of functions based on that and should work fine. My Rega solar remote died, and it turns out Rega also uses Philips RC5 codes. I found the Philips 4 digit code in my programmable remote's device book, keyed it in and voila! - everything works. Although you'll need to experiment to figure out which key does what function.
Thanks for all the responses. Bdgregory- Thanks for your suggestion, but I think that my remote setup program only asks for the brand name and model #, and not a 4 digit code. Dwhitt was kind enough to offer his Cary remote, so I can transfer the codes from his working remote to my universal remote. Hopefully that will do the trick. Thanks again guys!