Your Help Choosing Speakers needed

Hi all,
So I'm looking to get some speakers to match up with my Rega Planar 3 and Marantz 2215B.
The room is 14' X 18' and we mostly listen to pop/rock at moderate levels (although when my wife and kids are out I have been known to crank it a bit).
I have sourced 2 sets of speakers that I am seriously considering. Both are an hours drive away so that's a plus.
The options I'm looking at are a pair of DYNACO A-25XL's (asking price of $200) and a pair of 1978 Marantz HD550's (asking $150)
Both sets are in excellent cosmetic condition.
So which would you suggest?

The Dynaco A-25 is a superior loudspeaker and will achieve reasonable
Sound levels with your 15 watts per side.

This loudspeaker is a classic with nearly a million pairs sold since the 70s. I do not recall Marantz ever manufacturing an outstanding loudspeaker at any price point.
I eally hate doing this, but buy both and sell the pair you didn't find suited your taste.
Also let me be first pain in the neck by suggesting other speakers. The problem is finding is finding such low cost speakers even used. If you can ante up more money as you the next few months and audit as many speakers you can find. If nothing but research and knowledge comes of it.
That said there are probably many fans of the Dynaco as a sentimental, memory. If you heard them they have a sort of "british sound" soft and warmish.
The room is larger than bookshelf to "pressurize":t.
If you can save your money and get a better speaker, The easiest being very good but used speakers, but at fair prices.
Neither. For years I used a 2216B in a similar sized room with CD as a source. Given that LPs will sound less loud than a CD player at the same volume, there are limits to how loud your system will play.

I ultimately tried many different speakers with the 2216B and the best sounding results that I had were with Omega 3I ($500 list) and Wharfedale Diamond 10 series ($300 list, discounted on Music Direct).

The Marantz 'baby' receivers are prized for sounding tube like. I found that both the Omegas and Wharfedales took advantage of this, while providing a good amount of detail.

If you are determined to pick up one of these sets of speakers I'd say go for the Dynaco. That said, you should keep looking and wait for something a little newer to come on the market.

Best bet is to search AudioGon and Usaudiomart. You can search both sites by location as well as price point. You can do much better IMO.
Keep in mind that the Elac speakers, designed by Andrew jones, will be released very soon. I'd wait for those...