Your "go to" lps for system evaluation

Suzanne Vega "Solitude Standing"
Colin Meloy "Sings Live!"
Mark Kozelek "Lost Verses Live"
Willie Nelson "Red Headed Stranger"
Harry James "King James Version"/D2D
Nat King Cole "After Midnight" /Pure Pleasure
Fiesta! (Dallas Wind Symphony)/Howard Dunn/ Reference Recording
Shawn Colvin "Steady On"

Media: Vinyl
Van Morrison "Moondance"
Warner Bros Reissue R1 1835. HQ180 RTI Record Technology

Roy Orbison, "The All Time greatest Hits Of Roy Orbison"
Monument Records Stereo Mobile Fidelity MFSL 2-304

Julie London, "Julie Is Her Name"
BSR3006-45 Boxstar Records

Rega P5
Groove Tracer platter, sub platter, arm tube weight.
Rega Up Grade Belt
Imposium Seque ISO Platform
Maple Shade Triple Point footers
Black Cube SE Phono Amp - Synergestic Research Black PC and Black Fuse
Cardas Clear Lite I/C

Holly Cole, " Romatically Helpless"

Quick question regarding your Rega P5-
I also have a P5 with external PSU. I had the tonearm rewired, Incognito Rewire Kit. I also replaced the stock feet with Black Diamond Racing feet and use the the upgraded belt. It sits on a Maple Shade maple platform. Everything else is stock. Did you buy the table already having the Groove Tracer mods or did you do it? If you did, what were the noticeable results? Every once in a while I think about the Groove Tracer mods but have never went for it.
Interesting that some seem to use LPs that were digitally recorded. And early digital recordings at that. It seems that the most important thing is that one connects with the music being played.

I tend to us old mono Blue Notes and though they are not LPs, Sinatra and blues 78s.

But then again, I'm not interested in imaging, or soundstaging. There are enough parlor tricks in audio reproduction without adding any more IMHO.
@ valinar

Well I am glad that you mentioned the Rega external PSU.

I purchased the groove Tracer mods individually, as I was able to afford them and as they came up on the used market.  The platter and a removal weight set that screws on to the primary weight was purchased new.

To the best of my recollections, The arm tube weight and the sub platter were very noticeable changes. The acrylic platter changes the sound opposed to the glass platter, but some may not see that as an improvement but a change.  I have gone back and forth between the two, but didn't necessary prefer one over the other.  I have yet to try either with a clamp or record weight, which it may be that the combination of one or the other platter type and clamp may sound better.  Yet to be heard

Being that Rega stresses in there owners manual disadvantage in replacing the tone arm cable, I never did the mod.  I see your bolder than myself.  Did you think the Incognito Rewire Kit affected the sound similarly to upgrading I/C's  or ?

Talking Heads -- Stop Making Sense
Dire Straits -- Love Over Gold German pressing
Dire Straits -- On Every Street (rare on LP)  UK pressing
Duran Duran -- Wedding Album (rare on LP) UK pressing
David Bowie -- EarthLing (extra rare on LP) UK pressing
David Sylvian -- Dead Bees On The Cake Virgin/UK vinyl
Brian Ferry -- Boys and Girls 
I sent the arm out to have the rewire done. My hand was forced due to one of the clips to the cartridge post broke. Not a big difference to my ears.
What changes did you hear when you changes the subplatter and counter weight?

This is a total thread hijack, maybe we should start a new one called, "Your "go to" LPs for system evaluation."
I fail to understand what this has to do with music?

Shouldn't this thread be under analog?
My apologies. I failed to do a search first and even then it should have been in another category.
Sorry guys. You are right. My inquisitiveness got the best of me. As to my mention of Holly Cole, "Romantically Helpless", I wasn't trying to use it as a wedge to distract this thread. I find it to be a very good LP. The first two songs on side A are my favorites, her rendition of Paul Simon's "One Trick Pony" and the title track. 
I will behave myself now. Don't want to be on Santa's naughty list.

@ valinar

It has been a few years, but one distinct thing I remember is the improvement in tonal and timber accuracy of the piano after replacing the sub-platter and belt.
My memory is not that good to be able to recall the exact type of improvements that resulted in changing the counter weight.  I will say, without leading you astray that I believe you will hear finer detail due to greater accuracy in tracking of vertical modulation.

I don't want to solicit a product here, but in addition to the mods we have discussed, one of the most obvious improvements that came about on my turn table source was replacing the Black Cube SE  PWR Box fuse with a Synergistic Research Black fuse.  I have a PC of there's now powering my CDP.  One of these day I plan to swap it out to see/hear what gains are made.

Recently I purchased a Lyra Delose. I set up tangent and overhang alignment using the Rega supplied gauge.
From conversation and reading, I understand vast improvements are heard by using a Mint or Wally Tractor gauge. So the research and pursuit of one of those gauges is in progress.

Rather than discuss off topic here, if you want to talk further on the subject, you are welcome to use the PM message feature of this site to contact me.  
Being clinically unable to do "critical listening" I just play my favorite albums: Pink Floyd or Dead Can Dance to see if the end result puts me "in the mood". 
Solo violin was used by my local dealer to demonstrate that the "mods" of an aftermarket mat and platter rim "killed" my Sondek. So now I have 24 Caprices by Itzhak Perlman as a test LP, but No, I do not use it for my system evaluation. 
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I can get a pretty good idea with the following. Heart, Little Queen. Toto IV.  Metallica S/T.  Lady Gaga, The Fame.  Tupac, All Eyes on Me. Frank Sinatra, Come Fly With Me.