Your Forever Pieces? What and Why?

Pretty sure a number of members have some equipment they have owned forever or intend to where feasible.
Curious as to what, how long so far and why?
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An original Well-Tempered turntable and arm that I bought new. That would have been back in the 80's. Still, the only one I own and feel no need to upgrade at all.

ARC Classic 60 amplifier that I keep on hand as a spare. Had it gone through by a tech about a year ago. Hooked it up and it was really ... really good. Bought the Classic 60 used from a friend back in the 80’s.

Legacy Signature III’s. Had them for about ten years now ... and I will never sell them. Once a system is totally locked in, they are wonderful. My speakers for life.

Do records count? I know they can be considered as "components" as well. If so, I still have many of the jazz albums I started collecting as a kid back in the 50's. Same with 4 track reel to reel tapes.