Your Forever Pieces? What and Why?

Pretty sure a number of members have some equipment they have owned forever or intend to where feasible.
Curious as to what, how long so far and why?
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Linn Sondek turntable that I bought in 1985 and still is the Valhalla version. At the time with a Linn Basik arm and an A&R P77 cartridge. I replaced that cartridge in 1989 with a Linn Karma that Andy Kim serviced 2 months ago with a new suspension, sapphire cantilever and micro ridge stylus (very different from the old aluminium cantilever and elliptical stylus and I am still trying to decide which I prefer - sometimes I am excited and other times mmm...I'm not so sure, but the memory is fading) and an Alphason HR100s arm. I changed cartridges to a Denon DL103R about a year ago, but that did not do it for me and therefore decided to service the Karma. I love my sound and at the cost of current turntables, arms and cartridges, the current setup will stay with me.