Your first system and your journey...

Since we are on a audiophile (or is that audio-pile) site many, if not most, have had some decent systems.  I would enjoy in hearing from all/any about what your first system was made up of.  Mine was a Dynaco, I think something like a 35, tube integrated with some small British two way speakers and a BSR McDonald turntable with something like a 44E Shure cartridge , ...and yes, lamp cord for wires and whatever came on the turntable.  It is almost sad to say I have spent much more on some interconnects than that first system cost. 
14 yrs. old;  Dual 1229 TT, Shure V15 cart., Heathkit 50wpc integrated I soldered together, Coral speakers, lamp cord speaker wire in the middle of nowhere Wyoming.  First album Buddy Rich "Rich in London".  Could it be any weirder?
12 years old - Motorola record player with fold our speaker wings.  
16 years old - Setton turntable, Sherwood receiver, ADS speakers
McIntosh MR1700 receiver 
ADS 810 speakers 
Pioneer turntable 
Onkyo dual cassette deck
Generic cables