your first system-

I put together my first system in 1977- turntable, receiver, speakers and a cassette deck- $600. An on-line inflation calculator tells me that is $2760 in 2022 dollars. I am sure a current $1500 streaming based system can be assembled that would demolish my 1977 system. That's what I call real progress!


@zavato I have the PAs, and I have two Dyna Mark IIIs, and the Lafayette tuner. the rest is all gone.

In1969 I as a Sgt in the Army in Germany and bought my first system.  Sansui AU555 amplifier, Sansui TU555 tuner, Dual 1019 turntable with a adhere V15 type III cartridge, Sansui SP100 3 way speakers and an AKAI reel to reel with Crossfield heads.

Early 70's Kenwood KR-5600 Stereo Receiver , Garrard Turntable and big ole 3way altec lansing speakers.. oh can't forget my Koss Pro/4AA headphones 😉

@kennyc, you may want to reconsider your speaker choice since you already have Constellation amps. I heard from a reputable source who has Magico S7’s that every time heard Magicos paired with Constellation amps, which happened numerous times going to dealerships and HiFi shows, the rigs sounded absolutely terrible.

I’ve had the A3s just over a year and am about to try my third amp. I thought I was happy with the PrimaLuna EVO400 power amp but isn’t it funny how listening to someone else’s rig seems to identify weaknesses in your own rig?!

I got a great deal on NAT Generator monoblocks. looking forward to hearing what they do in the system.


Good luck!