Your First Concert was.....

My first concert was Arlo Guthrie at the Shaffer (sic) Music Festival in Central Park, NYC. It cost 2 bucks and it was for his "Running Down the Road" album.
Cat9 ,I had a Canadian family that lived 2 houses down from me in Ocala ,Fl in 1974-75 during the school year.Their Daughter and I became good friends, she turned me on to April Wine.The song that always stuck in my head was Cats Claw.
Neil Diamond I had just graduated 8th grade and my parents thought I was staying at a friends house and I lived in Chicago and took the elevated across the city and walked a mile through a section of town I probably shouldn't have to get there. It was awesome. He recorded Hot August Nights that year. The walk, actually run at 1030 at night back to train was interesting.
OK, it must have been an acid flash. My very first concert? Ready for this? WOODSTOCK! Purchased tickets, ran away(16 yrs old) from home, hitched upstate and the rest was history. Got there a day early so we caught it all: Richie Havens to Jimi. Did not sleep. don't get better than that...I win! :)
Wow !Warren,What an experience for a first concert!!! My first was Santana,I think Black Oak Arkansas opened for them.