Your First Concert was.....

My first concert was Arlo Guthrie at the Shaffer (sic) Music Festival in Central Park, NYC. It cost 2 bucks and it was for his "Running Down the Road" album.
Mine was also Jimi Hendrix (Winterland), so there must be some older guys around here. Krellman, that was way cool when he Ian Anderson said " now for our second number, Thick as a brick"! Great show. My second was Buffalo Springfield at a college gym.
Aerosmith, spring 1974, just after release of Get Your Wings. Precluded by free Grand Funk Railroad concerts at Riverside Park.
Sly and the Family Stone at madison Square Garden,He got married at that concert and it was a great show...I was only 14 years old at the time...
I was 13 and went with my cute neighbor who just got her driver's license. Brooker T and the MGs opened.