Your First Concert was.....

My first concert was Arlo Guthrie at the Shaffer (sic) Music Festival in Central Park, NYC. It cost 2 bucks and it was for his "Running Down the Road" album.
For any of you Children of the mid-late 70's, remember Exile? They had a big hit with "I want to kiss you all over...". Anyway, they were a local band from Paris and Richmond, KY and they used to play dances/sock-hops at my high school before they made the big time. They were mostly a cover band when they played the local prom, but they did have a bit of success on the national scene.

If I don't count Exile at my local High School gym, it was Uriah Heep at Rupp Arena (Lexington, KY), followed quickly by Rush in Lexington, Louisville and Cincinnati and Kiss in Lexington, Louisville and Cincinnati.

I got a job with Andy Frain Security at Rupp Arena and saw basically every major rock show that was touring from 1978-1981. Now that was a good time! Saw everybody and got paid for it. Plus hanging out with some of the bands had its benefits!.....


Whitesnake in 1986, Great White opened up at Cobo Hall in Detroit,MI.
Beach Boys, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Buffalo Springfield....late 1960's
Mine was also Jimi Hendrix (Winterland), so there must be some older guys around here. Krellman, that was way cool when he Ian Anderson said " now for our second number, Thick as a brick"! Great show. My second was Buffalo Springfield at a college gym.
Aerosmith, spring 1974, just after release of Get Your Wings. Precluded by free Grand Funk Railroad concerts at Riverside Park.