Your first component that was "special"

I got into hifi 40 years ago. I had a Pioneer receiver, Kenwood table, various entry level cartridges (ADC, Stanton, Empire) and Studio Design speakers. I wound up buying a Shure V15 Type 3 cartridge. That was the first piece of gear I bought that was way beyond ordinary. I had kept the cartridge until about 2o years ago- I sold it because by then no decent replacement stylus was available. Wish I still had it.

Mid-70's, a McIntosh 2300 power amp (tested by Dave O'Brien at over 400 watts per channel at clipping) which was my band's PA amp.  It could drive 4 pairs of Mac ML-1 loudspeakers, no problem. 
Dunlavy Cantata speakers. They were special. I eventually sold them because I was on the audio merry-go-round--a decision I regretted for quite a while. 
When I was in college I saved up and snagged a new Dual 1219 turntable with a Shure V15 cartridge, at the time, was "in heaven".
Hey Samhar,

I’m in Burbank CA and have some questions for you about local techs for my Eagle Kinetics 2 amp and my Dahlquist DQ-lp1 with pac power mod. Please shoot me an email at