Your first amp?

What was it, when did you get it, and what did you really want?

I'll start, 1977, really wanted a Pioneer SX650 ( a powerhouse at, I seem to recall, 35wpc) but just didn't have the dough. Wound up with an SX450 (15 wpc) and gotta say, within it's power limitations, it was pretty decent.

Ah, back in the day when musical happiness was a receiver, a turntable, decent speakers (the JBL 100 Century was real nice), and to splurge, a cassette deck. In fact, I would say, in 1977, my 'dream system' would have been a Pioneer SX850, the L100's, a Philips GA212 turntable with a V15 type 3, and a Tandberg cassette deck.
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My first real component was a Sansui AU9900 integrated amp. I eventually used it's pre-outs to drive my first basic amp, a Carver M1.5t....
It was a receiver, actually: a Harman-Kardon 330c. Here is the manual:
The year was 1989. I was about to head off to college without a stereo. I had just heard a friend's McIntosh 240 amplifier and was amazed by the looks and the sound. I had zero experience with tube gear.

He asks if I would like to buy a tube amp?

Sure, I reply, as I lust after the chrome of the 240.

He leaves and returns with a Dynaco 70. $125 later and I have a new amp - just not the one I wanted!