Your favourite Rush albums?

Started as a side discussion on another thread so thought I would just make a thread for it.

Pretty simple really, your favourite Rush albums and why?

To keep it simple, studio albums ONLY, no bootlegs, live albums etc.
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It appears there is a lot of love for the early Rush era and not much beyond that.

A lot of votes for Moving pictures, not been one of my top picks but will have to give it a spin later as it is one of the only two albums I have on vinyl right now.

I think Rush were greatest and most differentiated at prog Rock hence all the love for the third to fifth albums. They were good at radio pop too but it is a heavily crowded area so die hard fans love them for their most creative period.
@uberwaltz I would tend to agree on your fluff comment. I actually was listening to alternative radio in Toronto during that time and not much RUSH because I was not a fan of the ’fluff’ disks. However, I got back into RUSH when I moved to the US and started listening to the DIFFERENT STAGES live recording. That disk had some tunes from Roll the Bones and I was hooked.

My sister’s neighbor is the recording studio that RUSH recorded Presto. A truly awful release for me. This studio is in a rural area north of Toronto.

If you ever watch a Toronto Blue Jays game on, and maybe a good time now with Vlady Jr being called up this week, look on the second row a few seats to the left, that would be Geddy Lee with the cap on.
I got into RUSH with Fly By Night,  2112, and Hemispheres but I don't play them that much now. Though still very enjoyable to me.
Makes sense.

Glad you did not take offense at my criticism of Roll The Bones as upon reflection it was not very tactful!.

And you are right on Different Stages,in fact the first disc has a fair bit of music that was not normal live fare for Rush.

Playing right now Signals on vinyl.