Your favourite Rush albums?

Started as a side discussion on another thread so thought I would just make a thread for it.

Pretty simple really, your favourite Rush albums and why?

To keep it simple, studio albums ONLY, no bootlegs, live albums etc.
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Hummm, I was a participant in the side conversation on another thread, so I feel it's my duty to participate here. Since I'm not going to sit down and analyze all of the Rush albums I've enjoyed over the years, I going with my gut on this one. I'm choosing the 5 consecutive albums, starting with 2112 (which was also my introduction to Rush).

A Farewell to Kings
Permanent Waves
Moving Pictures

That is not necessarily my rank order of my favorite Rush albums, but those will probably hold up as my favorite group of Rush albums.
I was a big Rush fan up to Moving Pictures.

My period presses up to Moving Pictures come out now and then. 2112 is difficult to listen to at low volume still, after 43 years.

IMO Moving Pictures,if you have a clean period press, is a demo, show off your system album.

Rush should never be listened to,unless on a proper turntable.
I have several copies of RUSH media, from albums, CD's, to high-res files. The best for me is the high-res.

1) Moving Pictures
2) Clockwork Angels
3) Signals
4) Roll the Bones
5) Vapor Trails (has to be the remixed)

The original Vapor Trails CD was so bad I threw it in the garbage. The new remixed is a favourite.
I would agree on the original Vapour Trails CD, it is truly bad!

Interesting you have roll the bones in your top 5.

Just my opinion but there were a number of albums I almost consider "fluff", harsh I know.
These would be Hold your fire, roll the bones, vapour trails, presto and test for echo.
I kind of lost interest in Rush after Moving Pictures, but that is one of my favorite albums of all, not just by Rush.

I go back and forth between Hemispheres and 2112 as my next favorite Rush albums.