Your favourite recording label?

Is there a a label you have found pretty much infallible? I mean by this, you could buy any CD or record and know you will enjoy it, both for the music, most important and recording quality. I am not including here, reissue labels like Speakers Corner. We are talking of new recordings and music

I have found a number which nealy hit that mark. In no particular order, Linn, Waterlilly, ECM and Opus 3.

My top pick is without a doubt, the German label Stockfisch. That is partly because they major on Singer, Songwriters, a genre I love. My favourite artists on the label are;
Sara K
David Munyon,
Allan Taylor
Eugene Ruffulo
Chris Jones
There are other excellent artists to and good compilations you could start with. My favourite of all, Sara K "Waterfalls"

So do you have a favourite label?
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Virgin, MCA, Telarc, Lyrita, Mercury, Proprius, Nonesuch. Among many others.
Naive, BIS, Astree, Harmonia Mundi, ECM, Channel Classics, Concord.
Larry beat me to it! I was about to say that although it only existed under its original ownership from about 1975 to 1985, and it had a relatively limited catalog, the French classical label Astrée was so good musically and sonically (in LP form, at least) that it gets my top vote.

I was also about to give an honorable mention to Harmonia Mundi France.

Best regards,
-- Al
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Mercury, Living Presence. No label ever did it better.
Threads like this are useful.

As I get older, I find I tend to have less allegiance to individual acts and look for ways to find new music/performances I might like. One way is to put ones trust in certain labels/brands and go from there.
"Mercury, Living Presence. No label ever did it better."

I would tend to agree. I can think of other good ones, but none better overall.

Dorian is a more modern but now defunct CD label worth mentioning in same breath as MLP.

I like sound quality of Mapleshade overall as well. Performance quality is not as consistent, but always charmingly quirky at a minimum I find.
Harmonia Mundi
Naim that is recorded by Ken Christianson of Pro Musica in Chicago. His stuff is my favorite label.
Some others I do enjoy-
Harmonia Mundi
Water Lily Acoustics-Kavi Alexander
Chesky's brazilian stuff
Mapleshade some of their jazz stuff is fun

Can't say 100% guaranteed I'd like every single release in their catalog but I'd buy a record without hearing from the following:

AUM Fidelity
Flying Nun
Thrill Jockey
Drag City
Southern Lord
Profound Lore
Sub Pop
Italians Do It Better
Kill Rock Stars
Troubleman Unlimited
I agree with Concord. Every Concord recording in my collection is just superb in every way.
Being a classical guy I would select

Will also concur on Concord though based on a limited sample to-date. Its a label I have plans to add more of over time.
Some excellent suggestions here. The problem with some "Audiophile" labels is of course, the music. Some labels have excellent recordings, but the music is pretty forgetable. I would include Naim in this, though as always, there are exceptions. With Naim, it would be anything by Antonio Forcione.
Weren't the Beatles on Capitol? If so I choose that as my fav.
I like Hyperion, Glossa, Alia Vox, Dutton, all classical labels.
Sheffield Direct-to-Disc and early Mobile Fidelity.
Merge & YepRoc are good labels for new/indie/alternative/folk bands. They are almost always on quality vinyl.
Diverse has been pretty consistent.
Rpeluso, Capitol had the Beatles, the Beach Boys and Dean Martin, among others.
I'll tell you David, Stockfisch certainly does a wonderful
recording job and it's always nice to have something that
justifies the amount of money spent on a nice system. But I
have just grown too weary of audiophile demo music, if you
know what I mean. I have found the older Philips classical
recordings to be wonderful and the music is real. Look for
a NM copy of Quartetto Italiano Mozart String Quartet in
Bflat and String Quartet in F on Philips and you'll see what
I mean.
For jazz fusion, check out the GRP label, started in the '80's by Dave Grusin and Larry Rosen. It features releases such as "Harlequin" by Dave Grusin and Lee Rittenour. Larry Carleton, Dave Valentin are included in the catalog. Even going back to the '80's, this label got digital right.
Chavro, I couldn't agree more. I have the late Beethoven Quartets by Quaterto Italiano, one of my favourite recordings. I was trying to look for current releases, more than historical recordings and labels, in my original post.

If you are considering historical labels, then I may be prejudiced being British, but look no further than Decca and HMV. For me the great era of Classical recordings was on the SXL and ASD pressings respectively, of these two great companies, in the late 50's, 60's and 70's. As far as I know, you are deprived of easy access to their output. I am not sure how many recordings reached the US, not as many as here I am sure. You can still find countless thousands of them in second hand record stores here. The sustained high quality of recording and pressing over decades, has never been matched as far as I am concerned. The current favourite choice seems to be Decca, but I have always had a preference for HMV myself.
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