Your favourite music movie?

Just for fun.
Three movies spring to mind for myself when I think of what moves me here.
In no particular order.

Rocky Horror Picture Show.
So camp it is brilliant!
Tim Curry slays it!
Just way too much to begin to mention.
I can still get a blast from it now.
Let's do the Time warp again!

The Blues Brothers.
Ah, Jake and Ellwood.
Just for the record this was the second VHS tape I ever bought( first was Enter the Dragon)
Just so right....

Rock of Ages.
Now before you all run off gagging, it most certainly was not for Cruises wooden performance.
Catherine Zeta Jones was notable though.
No it was for the pair who stole the show.

Alec Baldwin and Russel Brandt.

Simply perfect for the movie.

Your thoughts on these and your nominations?
others have mentioned some good ones, here are a few I enjoy.

Apocalypse Now, REDUX Version (incredibly better movie than chopped up original)
Black Hawk Down, powerful sound
Bond movies
Bourne movies
Crank, powerful sound
*****Domino**** Incredible Soundtrack throughout, Keira Knightley, Mickey Rourke, wow!
High Fidelity, the other John Cusack movie
Jurasic Park, the reason for the subwoofer
*****Metropolis, Giorgio Moroder Special Edition*****, amazing
Moulin Rouge
Pump up the Volume, Christian Slater
Pulp Fiction
******Schlinder's List****

those were movies, these are Music DVDs. I have many, these are the ones I remember the sound being very good

Allison Krauss + Union Station, Live (2 discs)
Appalachian Journey, Yo Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, several others
Bob Dylan, MTV Unplugged, Sony Studios Nov. 1994
Capercallie Collection (1990-1996)
Cesaria Evora, Portugese, West African
Fairport Convention, Cropready (I think it was good sound, not really sure)
***Festival In the Desert (Mali, Africa, Toureg Annual Gathering)***
***Nora Jones, Handsome Band, Nashville, TN, Live 2004***
Paul Simon, Graceland, African Concert
***Piano Blues*** Clint Eastwood, Martin Scorsese presents
Queen, various
Sade, various
***Sessions at West 54th (CBS/Sony Studio)***
***Sophie Milman, Live in Montreal*** oh yeah!
Standing in the Shadows of Motown, 2 discs, for the story mostly
U2, Rattle and Hum

Atomic Blonde was a blast from the recent past.

So much fun, music chosen to match the scenes so well.... it will be the first film I screen in my new HT, just to crank the tunes.