Your favourite music movie?

Just for fun.
Three movies spring to mind for myself when I think of what moves me here.
In no particular order.

Rocky Horror Picture Show.
So camp it is brilliant!
Tim Curry slays it!
Just way too much to begin to mention.
I can still get a blast from it now.
Let's do the Time warp again!

The Blues Brothers.
Ah, Jake and Ellwood.
Just for the record this was the second VHS tape I ever bought( first was Enter the Dragon)
Just so right....

Rock of Ages.
Now before you all run off gagging, it most certainly was not for Cruises wooden performance.
Catherine Zeta Jones was notable though.
No it was for the pair who stole the show.

Alec Baldwin and Russel Brandt.

Simply perfect for the movie.

Your thoughts on these and your nominations?
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original Jurassic Park score, almost anything by John Williams or Hans Zimmer
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Hi Uberwaltz,

Re your selections:

1) I saw "Rocky Horror" once, many moons ago, but I don't remember the music well enough to comment on it.  I do remember the film well enough, though, to agree with your "so camp it is brilliant" comment. 

2) "The Blues Brothers" -- Fantastic!  Love it!

3) I haven't seen "Rock of Ages."

My personal favorite:

"The Umbrellas of Cherbourg," a classic 1964 romantic French film directed by Jacques Demy and starring Catherine Deneuve, in which every word is sung rather than spoken. The music having been composed by Michel Legrand.

Best regards,

-- Al
There are so many great soundtracks it's hard to choose.Woodstock is a favorite that I watch every so often.Phantom of the Opera also.
I’m hoping “Echo In The Canyon”, released in late May. 
I've watched "The Last Waltz" more times than I can remember. The farewell concert of The Band, filmed by Martin Scorsese.

I had to Google that one.

Of course now I will have to watch it too.

So many great movies

So little time!

Awesome post!

Dewey Cox story, okay raunchy and not appropriate for watching with kids but the paraody of Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, and Brian Wilson songs were fanatastic,  songs like Walk Hard, Let's Duet, Midget Man just fanatastic.

Rocky Horror a Classic 

Across the Universe great Beatles songs redone 

The Who's Tommy some great songs and of course a 40 ish  Ann Margret

Chicago great songs, great music, great dancing, hot women 

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

To Live and Die in LA
The Last of The Mohicans
Remember The Titans
-Spawn had some great music, one of the few soundtracks I own.
-Bohemian Rhapsody
-Almost Famous
Two that come to mind for me are Lost Highway and Natural Born Killers.
Just off the top of my head:

"The Umbrellas of Cherbourg"

"Anything Goes" - soundtrack

"Angela’s Ashes"

"West Side Story"

"Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon"


"Li’l Abner" - soundtrack


Of course nothing beats Rocky Horror. The only one that comes to mind and hasn’t been mentioned yet is The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

"Do you have the Texas Chainsaw Mascara?" Priceless!

Henry V, composed by Patrick Doyle.

The Red Violin, composed by John Corigliano.

These are the only two soundtracks I've gone out and bought on CD.

In no particular order:
Regarding HenryGloryCal (Music From the Film)The Blues Brothers
One more time:


Regarding Henry




Cal (Music from the Film)


The Blues Brothers

Cinema Paradiso - Ennio Morricone
Anatomy of a Murder - Duke Ellington
One From the Heart - Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle
The Moderns - Mark Isham and others
Das Boot - Klaus Doldinger

+1 for:
The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
Glory - James Horner
West Side Story - is this the best ever score? Probably.
Oliver! - Lionel Bart, what more do you want?
My Fair Lady - timeless songs
Once Upon a Time in the West - epic score
Harold and Maude - Cat Stevens circa 1970

Stop Making Sense - Jonathan Demme directed the film of this concert by Talking Heads in 1984. Truly wonderful.
Keep them coming please!

I never realized just how much was out there.

Have added a lot to my must see list!

Thank you all!
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest 
Spinal Tap - Best rock music parody
+1 for Stop making Sense - Just a great show by the Talking Heads
+1 for Live and Die in LA - Great action movie with an interesting soundtrack from Wang Chung

American Hustle is a great movie with soundtrack to match
None of these are music movies, but they are all movies with top notch scores.

Alexander Nevsky (Prokofiev)
Psycho (Bernard Herrmann)
Vertigo  (Bernard Herrmann)
Ascenseur Pour L’Échafaud (Miles Davis)
Lawrence Of Arabia (Maurice Jarre)

I probably could/should have worded the OP better tbh.

Movies about music or movies containing great music and scores are all welcome.
Crossroads, featuring Steve Vai playing both rivaling guitars. 

The Blues Brothers is a classic at home, even with my teenagers.

Haven't seen Rocky Horror. Will check it out.
the theme song from Terry Gilliam's "Brazil"
"Maybe This Time"  Cabaret  Lisa Minnelli 
 "Everybody's Talkin" Harry Nilsson   Midnight Cowboy
  "They Call The Wind Mariah"   Harve Presnell  Paint Your Wagon

Singles, Apocalypse Now, Big Chill, Chariots of Fire
Randy Edelman’s score for Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story is my favorite. It is so dramatic parts of it were used as music for the Olympic Games in the 90s.
Seriously people?  The Wall.

I'm so glad someone finally pegged Almost Famous.

Thank goodness no one said Grease.

I was going to go with Saturday Night Fever........

- Return of the Living Dead
- Repo Man
- Blue Bros.
- Star Wars
In addition to many of the above great choices, I bought soundtracks to

Angelheart - great flick and awesome jazz/blues

Rush - with Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jason Patric (1991) Clapton jamming on guitar is truly awesome soundtrack

Jesus Christ Superstar

My Fair Lady

Frozen (come at me)

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Dancing in the Rain

Guys and Dolls


Thanks for reminding me and sorry.

Grease before Tommy!
Immortal Beloved
Singin in the Rain
Paris Blues

and another vote for West Side Story
"The Wall".  It most strictly meets the original question as a Music Movie.  The music itself stands on its own as it was developed first and contains very little dialog.  It artistically mixes animation and live action and is enjoyable with eyes opened or closed.  The songs are meaningful and the movie is not filled with non-singing twittering about breakfast or a contrived transition to bridge memorable songs.

To me, "Tommy" contains too many elements of a musical and is better contexted as a true rock opera but not as cohesive when considered as stand-alone music.  There are far too many plot transition jingles/songs that only maintain their relevance in the context of the film....Tina Turner's Acid Queen and the injured glamour girl with the child Frankenstein guitarist on examples.

"Yellow Submarine" should not count but it is simply brilliant and a very stark contrast to the other Beatles movies which were more simply live documentaries masking their early explorations in drugs and religion...and drugs.  If only the world had more studio footage of the Beatles in action.

"West Side Story", "Grease" and even "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" were adaptations of musicals as well as "Sound of Music".  "Little Shop of Horrors" was well done also if you like that sort of thing, but still originally musicals.

"Spinal Tap" and "A Mighty Wind" are great musical mockumentaries.

"The Last Waltz" has Scorsese's involvement and reached a wider audience for that reason and the very special guests, but would not consider it a "movie".

"Frozen" and "Tarzan" (moreso Tarzan) have good soundtracks but so did "Snow White" and "Mary Poppins".

"Amadeus" +1 is beautiful.
To me the quintessential music fil is Phantom of the paradise, the one by De Palma. There's the hugest synth ever dreamed of . . .
I had thought of "Rush", but only for "Bridge of Sighs".
If your talking about sound quality,nothing is close to the new Queen Movie. Not in my opinion. Sounds like a concert in 5.2. I actually bought a 4K version just as a "show off your system " . It's mixed as well as some of my video concerts.   
The Exorcist - thoroughly frightening.