Your favourite 2017 album.?

Hi there,id like to know your favourite recording this year,thanks.Nick Cave ,I have been enjoying his last several albums.
Wouldn't say this one is the 'best of 2017' per the OP's request, but I've been enjoying it....

Eric Bibb 'Migration Blues'
+1 on Migration Blues. Not only great sound, but heart-wrenching lyrics and fantastic musicianship.


"Migration Blues" Eric Bibb; is about finding other like minded people, that is the only way to live.

Rodney Crowell's Close Ties will be in my shopping bag next time I'm at my record store, the excellent Music Millennium in Portland. His The Houston Kid is one of my favorite albums of the past few decades, it's that good.
Made a couple of attempts to listen through the entire Close Ties album via Tidal. I really wanted to love it, Rodney and the album being focused on life in Houston and all.

Sound quality, especially Rodney’s vocals (thin and closed in) prevented success. I know sound quality should not be of consequence to a pure music lover, but it is to me.

Eric Bibb’s excellent release creates no such consternation...


Dave, I'll give Close Ties another listen to see if I can pick up on what you found within your system.

I enjoy it and it is a great come back story and performance. Most of my family lives in Houston, so there is a personal connection for me as well.

I've listened to 'Migration Blues' many, many times so I'm very familiar with it. And I agree that it is very well recorded and the musicianship is excellent. I love the messages and stories in the songs as well.
A lot of my favorite music was unfortunately recorded in indifferent sound. Nothing you can do about that, but if the music is good enough one can suspend disbelief.
Hi bdp24,

You are a more pure music lover than I. I share my opinion of the sound quality of Close Ties only because it was recommended as a 2017 top pick and personally feel that sound quality does matter at that level.

I listened to it again (via Tidal’s MQA Master) and found the sound to vary greatly from track to track. On some tracks, the sound quality of Rodney’s vocal is very good, most not so much. Accompanying music is good throughout IMO.

My ideal is that sound quality provides a gateway to total immersion in the music, ie Eric Bibb’s newest release.


Anyone listened to Marty Stuart's "Way Out West"? I've heard the title track and really liked it. From what I've read, seems like an interesting album. It's on my wish list......
dlcockrum, it is indeed a shame when good music is available only in bad sound. One quality singer whose music is consistently poorly recorded is Delbert McClinton. So bad as to be unlistenable, even for me!
@dlcockrum   Did some critical listening of Close Ties and Migration Blues.

I agree with your observations regarding the recording values for Close Ties. On point!
Just listened to the CD of "A Deeper Understanding", newly released by "The War On Drugs", and this is one impressive production---lush and expansive soundstage with good depth.  If you like "Slave Ambient" and "Living In the Dream", this one is right up there, and a sonic surprise.    
Marty Stuart "Way out West" is excellent.  Produced by Mike Campbell of the TP & Heartbreakers.  I hear a lot of the Byrds influence, great pickin.   Never been much of Marty Stuart fan either.
I have 3 fav's this year, and quite different ones:

-TajMo - excellent SQ and a great modern blues rhythm
-La La Land soundtrack - fun and sounds very good (vocals aside from Emma and Ryan)
- Imelda May - great vocals, several anthem type songs 

My favourite albums of 2017 (so far):

1.)  THUNDERCAT - Drunk
3.)  FLEET FOXES - Crack-Up
4.)  THE WAR ON DRUGS - A Deeper Understanding

Your post got me thinkin’ about my RC lps. Putting on my gold labeled, promo copy of  "Ain't Living Long Like This" that also has a rare, in my experience, sticker on the top left corner saying: "PROVIDE WITH THE HOPE THAT YOU WILL USE THIS FOR IN-STORE PLAY. PROMO COPY- NOT FOR RESALE WARNER BROS RECORDS & TAPES"

List of players: Emory Gordy Jr., Albert Lee, James Burton, Amos Garrett, Ry Cooder, Ricky Scaggs, John Ware, Hal Blaine, Jim Keltner, Emmylou Harris, Brian Ahern, Glen D Hardin, Mac Rebennack, Hank DeVito, Mickey Raphael, Jerry Jumonville, Byron Berline, Richard Greene, Tom Sauber, Nicolette Larson, Willie Nelson, Larry Willoughby, Donivan Cowart.

Thread has been quiet for a couple of weeks.......

Here's one, recently released, that is very enjoyable.... to my ears:

Tony Allen 'The Source'
Colter Wall- "Colter Wall"

Most interesting voice I think I've ever heard and a genuine folk singer.

1. Rick Astley "50".

2. Nick Heyward "Woodland Echoes".

Two 80's stars with great comeback albums. Extremely good recordings also.

3. Rodney Crowell "Close Ties".

Reissue: The Sgt.Peppers Deluxe set is a delight!