Your favorites amplifiers for their visual look ?


Most of us chose an amp for it's musicality.

But if you would chose your amplifiers for it's visual aesthetic, some great looking amplifiers, metal or wood face plate, which ones you would chose ?

Myself I would chose a Pass Lab amp, for a metal face plate. And the Sonus Faber Musica Integrated Amplifier, for a wood face place.




cj premier 8's or Cary V12's
The VAC Phi Beta is a fine looking unit!
Anything by Jadis.
Duh! Mac of course. Just kidding, but they do look nice. FM Acoustics in a nice simple way, and Accuphase.
Black and gold MBL amps
Exotic--Burmester, Gryphon, Wavac
Classic--FM Acoustics, Audionote Kondo
brown electronic labs....early belles models...anything that looks like a toaster, and sounds incredible....honorable mention to cyrus for giving the the finger to anyone who loves to stare at an amplifier.
Music Hall Maven
Electron-Luv. Pathos Integrated.
McIntosh w/blue meters
Krell w/rugged looks
Bel Canto, the e series. Very well done minimalism.
New Audio Frontiers - Gorgeous Italian amps with brushed copper face and top plates, wood side panels and matte black transformer covers. The best part is that they sound even better than they look.

Woods face plate do not seem very popular for transistors amps, any reasons that you would know for that ?



I would say the latest Tenor HP350, nice mix of wood, metal, fine and cool blue logo. Lucious.
Hovland Radia!! Sounds great, and nothing beats the way in looks at night----
Well I'm obviously biased, but the Halcro Reference series monoblocks of course!
These are not ranked for sound:

Tubes: Pathos classic, Tron any, Nagra 845, VAC Phi 300, Jadis JP80, any Ayon Amp, Mac MC275, ARC D-79

Solid Sate: Ayre MXR, MBL 9007 monos, Stax 300, Boulder 2050, Mark Levinson ML-25, Pass current amp product line, Krell Evolution One monos

So I own Lamm ML2.1's monos and they are not beauties - but they sound great!
Manley Stingray is like nothing I have ever seen.
To my eyes, not even remotely any contest whatsoever: Electronluv...nothing else even comes close on visual looks.
Hey Jax2......I'm sure there's some coffee machines in those photos?
Audio Valve
Jax2 .... looks like they were salvaged from an old diner !
Rowland...can't believe no one has mentioned them.
Son of Ampzilla (rack mount with handles); Luxman integrated amps, like the L590A; old version Pass X250.
Aragon 4004 or 8008, I also second Cary v12 and Manley Stiingray
The first ones to come to mind, are the Pass Alephs. So purposefully looking.
I used to think the Dynaco ST70 amplifiers were the most ugly things around, followed by AtmaSphere.

Then, about 10 years ago, I bought a pair of Atmas, and my opinion flipped completely. Most surprisingly, my wife liked the look even before I came around. I really came to admire their aesthetic, though less so in the tubes on the side days. However, once they went to the current cosmetic, which was an update of the look they went away from, my love for the cosmetic found new all-time highs.

Through that period, I still felt Dynacos were like the east end of a horse going west. But, I built a Dynakit, and now I've come to admire its look as well.

But, I'll second the Jadis vote, they do make some absolutely beautiful looking (and sounding) stuff.
Already mentioned and I agree: VAC Phi Beta, McIntosh, and Manley Stingray. I'll add the Thor Crescendo Monoblocks.
Hey Jax2......I'm sure there's some coffee machines in those photos?

Those'd be some mighty expensive coffee machines! I do love the style of coffee machines that I think you're referencing too (I'm a coffee junkie too), though not as beautiful as Stipich's creations. If you think those are wild, check out his preamps and speakers. Buck Rogers meets Dr. Seuss! I love'em! That is extraordinary design and a beautiful thing to behold to my eyes.
Any tube amp with a chrome plated chassis. The Pathos Logos with the ingenius heat sinks is striking, the Viva Solista is gorgeus, especially in person, the VAC Phi amps and also the Renaissance 30/30, and lastly the casework on the Rowland gear is tasteful bling.
GAS Ampzilla was a stunner!
MISSION 776/777 with the name cast across the front and acting as heat sinks.

Best I ever saw was a DIY amp project made out of chromed out Harley V-twin.
Allnic A-6000
Threshold Model 400a, Class A amplifier
Tube look for me would be Audio Valve ,Solid State Jeff Roland,using wood how about Tenor Audio.
The Edge stuff is pretty cool.
Ancient Audio amplifiers are custom made in any color of granite.
How about the Carver Silver Sevens?
Hovland Sapphire.
Burmester, Gryphon. Mbl and Viola. cant beat those cool blue meters!
Anything Italian

Pathos, Graaf, Audia Flight, you name it.

Some Americans

BAT, Levinson, McIntosh, and Rowland.
Nagra PSA and PMA's.
I agree with Mapman, the Silver Sevens are stunning. I also like Art Audio amplifiers.
Levinson 3xx series is my favorite.
I like the Krell KSA series and Levinson 300's. Macs ain't too shabby either.
There's nothing like a Jadis JA-500! I also agree with the up poster, gotta love those (first) big Krell fins on the KSA/KMA 80/160 200/400 series.

I have an old Crown Dc300 for my basement rig. The thing just screams bad-ass!