Your favorite type of music and genre?

Maybe this question had already been answered in the past but I would like to update on everyone. I like to categorize type of music into sub-categorize.

My preference of music is country and rock. With country, I like to listen to adult contemporary like Alan Jackson and Randy Travis. I also like country with alittle rock n roll like Brooks and Dunn.

Now changing to Rock. Rock to me is very general. I like mostly rock adult contemporary like the Eagles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Journey. Other rock I like is soft rock and some hard rock.

I also listen to latin but most of the time is the two metion above. I like to see what type of music do you listen to and sub-category.

i listen to all kinds of music,allways looking for new music to enjoy,jazz,chamber,bluegrass,rock,funk,r@b,electronica,alternative,swing,old country,latin,world music,i dont like much rap except,early snoop dog,dr.dre,ice t,patra
My current favorite genre is Americana. I consider artist like Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle, The Jayhawks, Sunvolt, Joe Henry, Jackie Greene, etc. as Americana as I can't think of another category for them.

I also really like old progressive rock music from bands like Budgie, Crack the Sky, old Rush and old Pink Floyd.

I listen to a lot of Bluesy Jazz from artist like Jimmy Smith, Karrin Allyson, Patricia Barber (I only like a few disk), Robben Ford and the Blue Line, etc.

I like chamber music but have a difficult time finding records to buy. I love screaming violins and think I usually prefer Italian music, but I'm not really sure about the composers.


Being a Vide-it I prefer movies to music, but I did pose the question to my wife, Gloria.

She said..."I like both kinds of music, Country and Western"

She can be a bit direct at times.

HTH Dave
For me it's a toss up 'tween clasic rock/ classical/ and country. Oh--throw some opra in there. Anybody singing Nessun Dorma Pavarotti or Jussi Bjoerling. For the babes in opera Leontyne Price--just has all the goods. Her highs are cleaner more pure than anybodys' to me.Lets throw some Mariachi/ some dixieland/ Some Ella and Nancy Wilson before when they just sang straight.( old white guy;whada ya 'spect?)---Or as they say--It's all good up in there.--It's music.!!!
I'm all over the map, but love stuff with an edge:

Heavy Metal - mostly '80s thrash along the lines of Destruction, Celtic Frost, Testament, King Diamond etc. Have hundreds of CDs from all genres of metal, but the 80's thrashers remain my favorites.

Space Rock - Hawkwind, Eloy, DarXtar, Pressurehed, Nik Turner, Farflung etc. Seriously spaced-out, hard-driving music heavy on atmosphere.

Dub Reggae - old stuff along the lines of King Tubby, Scientist, U.Roy, Lee Perry ... and the "house bands" of the more famous producers: Upsetters, Aggrovators, Roots Radics.
No Marley, but rather heavy washes of wacked-out, dubbed up dread!

70's hard rock and prog - Mountain, Rainbow, Uriah Heep, Frank Marino/Mahogany Rush, Sir Lord Baltimore, UFO ... and for some of the more proggy stuff in this genre: Nektar, Captain Beyond, Magma.

70's Japanese hard rock/blues rock (I once heard the genre called "Japfro") - Far East Family Band, Flied Egg, Flower Travellin' Band, Blues Creation, Strawberry Path etc.
I listen to everything but my favorite is Bluegrass. Double bass, dobro, mandolin, harmonies...Touches me differently than anything else. I also love cowboy tunes, but Folk is a distant second.

Last year I has the absolute pleasure of seeing Alison Krauss and Union Station at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA. What an evening. This place is truely amazing...If I had a million dollars, no stereo I could build could touch what the music sounded like that night. Man, when Jerry Douglas was sliiiiiiiding those notes on his dobro low and slow, there's just nothing like it.

I'm with Raytheprinter but as a guitarist I listen to mostly to guitar players of all genres.
Very interesting genre and thanks for the responses.