Your favorite three Rolling Stones songs?

OK, now that we know what your favorite Beatles songs are, how about the "bad boys of rock and roll."

At a recent meeting of the world's leaders, it was decided (Tony Blair abstained from voting) that no human can possess more than three songs by the Rolling Stones (obviously, Barry Manilow fans). So you have to toss out all your Stones music except three.

I would keep:
It's All Over Now
You Can't Always Get What You Want
Can't You Hear Me Knocking

Man, I hate these type of questions!
Hmmmm. I'll take:
"Sympathy For The Devil"
"You Got The Silver"
and a true wild card. . .
"Fingerprint File"
Fool to cry
Some Girls
Black Limosines
Can't always get what you want
It's only rock & roll
Sympathy for the devil

Jumpin' Jack Flash
Wild Horses
Gimme Shelter

(top ten would be easier...)
Okay, who's gonna be the first to pick a song released after Tatoo You? Anyone? Anyone?
Depends on my mood at the time but 1- Gimme Shelter 2- Can't ya hear me knocking 3- (Today its) Monkey Man
"Let's Spend The Night Together"
"Can't You Hear Me Knocking"
"Wild Horses"
1. Satisfaction
2. Satisfaction
3. Satisfaction

Then . . . Sympathy for the Devil, Street Fighting Man, Midnight Rambler. And then . . . Honky Tonk Women, . . . oh, forget it . . . too difficult. Sort of like saying, "Pick your three favorite Grateful Dead songs. (No, that's even harder.)

Latter day Stones just aren't the same Stones.
Paint It Black; Ruby Tuesday; You Can't Always Get What You Want;
Satisfaction,Paint It Black and Gimme Shelter!!!
That's easy:

1) Satisfaction
2) Satisfaction
3) Paint It Black

Ncarv, Rarl and Franklapdog: you three almost got it right!
"Can't you hear me knocking"
"Sympathy for the Devil"
"2000 Light Years From Home"
For those of you having trouble picking your three favorites, how about picking three that are recorded well. That should be a bit easier.......
Tumbling Dice, Let's Spend the Night Together, The Last Time...
1. Paint it Black, 2. Mother's Little Helper, 3. Sympathy for the Devil (what are the odds, but the third choice tied with Ruby Tuesday and Gimme Shelter)
Sticky Fingers
Exile on Main Street
Some Girls
Black and blue

Cant list just three songs
Sticky Fingers and Exile are soo good
1. Fancy man blues - Curbach, this was recorded in 1989 and as far as I know only available on "Rolling Stones Collectibles", the 2nd cd in a two disc "Flashpoint" box set. 2. Gimme shelter , makes me wish that I knew how to play the drums! 3. I prefer the live "Get yer ya-ya's out" version of "Sympathy for the devil" to the studio version, but the are both excellent. I can't believe that I've made this list without "Satisfaction", but 3 is such a low number to choose from. Another great one is the live "little red rooster" with Clapton
Sympathie for the devil
Offa my cloud
1. Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown
2. Midnight Rambler
3. Honky Tonk Women
1) Monkey man
2) Gimme Shelter
3) Sympathy for the devil
Some of the best 'Stones I've heard is on a concert bootleg recorded in San Francisco around the time "Let it Bleed" was released. It is so cool to hear the audience not-applaud after hearing (what are now classic) tunes for the first time. The boys also had a rippingly good time playing old Chuck Berry numbers... Ya' know, Sir Mick (can't get used to that) has so much friggin' money... Couldn't he release the better bootleg stuff (like Lord Dylan)? A friend-of-a-friend had a collection of boots numbering around 50 (if I recall correctly). There is so much just ass-kicking good music that we can't hear...
Angie and wild horses although I'm not a real Stones fan they did have some good songs in the past. They must be too tired now though cuz they sure haven't lately!
Definately Paint in black...
Good thread. Hard to pick just three, and I suspect the three I would pick depends on the day I pick them. Today the top three are (in no particular order):

1. Don't Know Why (the only listenable thing on Metamorphosis)

2. Memory Motel

3. Soul Survivor (and the entire rest of Exile on Main Street. IMHO among the top three of four rock and roll albums ever)
U are all wrong #1 She's a Rainbow, Fool to Cry at #2, and finally I'm Just Waiting On A Freind.
Don't leave out Sister Morphine.
1. Under My Thumb
2 Going Down
3 Gimme Shelter
1-Gimme Shelter
2-Can't You Hear Me Knocking
3-Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
This is tough. How many did they write? Over 400 I believe. Anyway, here goes-
1)Can't You Hear Me Knockin'
2)Midnight Rambler
3), 3) hmmmm, Ok. I'll go with- Under My Thumb.
sympathy, midnight rambler, time waits for no one
Ventilator Blues
Just Wanna See His Face
Let it Loose
I just saw this thread and took out my recently purchased 40 Licks cd (at Costco), but one of my favorites isnt on it.

If you don't limit yourself to their own compositions (following Rosstaman's example above); It's All Over Now, Satisfaction and Not Fade Away. Counting only their own compositions, Satisfaction, Under My Thumb and As Tears Go By (the omitted song).