Your favorite recent discovery

What Group or Artist have you discovered in the last few months? Doesn't have to be a new artist, just new to you.
Looking for some ideas.
The Thrills, My Morning Jacket, Flaming Lips-Okay this one has been a year or so, but I finally got it on vinyl...

Cheers, Spencer
Over the Rhine; first I discovered the Blue Tanyas which led to the Rhine girls. Also, Lea De Laria--a friend sent me two of her CDs recently.
Never really went in for trad jazz, but got a free sampler with my last order from Tower on the Preservation Hall label featuring, inter alia, Shake that Thing, Hot 4 with Duke Dejan and The Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Great stuff. You can still hear the strains of marching bands in some of this music so you know it's a hell of a lot closer to the beginnings of jazz than to Bebop. It has a flavour all it's own; pretty good for the jaded palate.
Two great bands:
Elbow from England
Interpol from NYC
Sisters and Brothers- Eric Bibb, Maria Muldaur and Rory Block. Soulful blues on the Telarc label that is recorded exceptionaly well. Haven't been able to keep in out of my cd player.
Ramsay Midwood. "Shoot Out At The OK Chinese Restaurant" is one of the most original sets I've heard in a while. A mix of country, blues, rock, and I don't know what else. Some songs I could hear Mick & the Stones doing, others a bit like Tom Waits, but not really. I just don't know how to describe it.
I know! It's whiskey drinkin' music!
Sc53 - Did you mean "The Be Good Tanyas" album called "Blue Horse"? I've never heard of "Blue Tanyas"? If it is "The Be Good Tanyas" (GREAT album...just lovely), also check out a group called "Po Girl"

Yeah Marco, I meant the Be Good Tanyas and the Blue Horse album! Their "Chinatown" is also very good. Thanks for the Po Girls tip! I love these kinds of somewhat weird voices. But then, I've been a Dylan fan for 40 years or so.
Peggy Lee: "Latin A-La Lee", on vinyl distributed be Cisco records.
Well then, I'll second "Be Good Tanyas" a pleasant surprise of
recent for me as well. I check out that other album too (thanks!).

On an entirely different type of music, I was recently introduced, by a
good friend, to the Early Music of Jordi Savall's label, Alla Vox. Fantastic
recordings! A real favorite that I can't stop playing of recent is one with
his wife, Montserrat Figueras, "El Cant de la Sibil-La". There
are a couple of recordings I've found of this piece - the one I've been
awed by is Alla Vox AV9806 (the other that I have, which is also with the
two of them, is on Astree/Naive label and is nowhere near as engaging
and dynamic a performance as the one on Alla Vox - same Chorus, same
church, different performance and recording techniques). On the Alla
Vox recording her voice will stretch the limits of virtually any system,
and his playing (Viola de Gambe) is equally remarkable. I also recently
just picked up the Savall box set on the same label which is instrumental
and is a Savall showcase. That set is a bit more sedate in comparison as
far as the music is concerned (Mr. Saint Colombe le Fils and Marin
Marais), but no less startling in presence and beauty, albeit on a more
subtle level. That one is AV 9829 A/C.

Los Lonely Boys
My Morning Jacket
Louis Armstrong: "Satchmo Plays King Oliver"
Guy Clark
Joe Ely
John Hiatt
I like Nantang Tatang, a few members from Ida made their own album, it is part acoustic and part new wave, plus it is mellow.

I have My Morning Jacket on my list of albums to buy but do not know which one, or if they have more than one album. I wrote it down after a college radio played it. Do you have a favorite?

Charlie Byrd "Bossa Nova Pelos Passaros", another fabulous sounding k2.
Rustem Hayroudinoff playing Rachmaninov's 24 Piano Preludes. Outstanding playing and the recorded sound of the piano is full bodied and excellent. Highly recommended for anyone interested in classical piano music.
I also want to mention that the soundtrack to "Master and Commander" is really excellent! I loved the music while the movie was playing and the CD soundtrack does a great job of recapturing it. Eerie drums, celtic fiddles, baroque waltzes--there's a lot of different sounds on this CD.
Homesick James. Also heard Los Lonely Boys recently & will be picking that up soon.

The Wrens, from New Jersey. I thought "The Meadowlands" was the best album of 2003.
I discovered Magma at the end of last year at Knittingfactory NY. I was amazed how come I didn't know it before as were founded in the mid 70-s...
How about:

Anything Box. Favorite so far is "Worth." Talk about that synthpop sound from the 80s - this is all that plus terrific vocals. Hard to believe it's actually from the 90s..

Stacey Kent. Everything, especially "Let Yourself Go: Celebrating Fred Astaire". What can I say? She is the sexiest vocalist I've ever heard. I guarantee that this CD will make you melt.

Dave's True Story. This one is in a category all by itself. I guess I'd call it adult contemporary lounge lizard jazz. Great vocals, intelligent and somewhat adult lyrics, catchy music and is much more polished than you would expect. Very easy to listen to, but it's not until you actually concentrate on the lyrics that everything clicks. They've all got a twist.
"Latin Project" Very untraditional treatment of Latin Music.(Reminds me of Ozomatl a hair.)
"Les Nubians" (Both 2003 releases.)Female "COOL JAZZ" interpretation of "Rap" from France.
How about (legal) free music - all ya gotta do is download it!

I've been on a tear over at - they have hundreds (maybe even thousands) of live shows available for free download. I'm particularly enamored of the Steve Kimock Band and a group called New Monsoon. All the music is CD quality and most of the tapers do a very good job, sounds better than many commercial efforts. Check it out!

Sc53 - If you like Be Good Tanyas you should also give Richard Buckner a listen. He's another Vancouver, BC based artist doing unique acoustic country-infleuenced music with great songwriting. His style defies putting him in a box, much like BGT. Love his accoustic CD's: "Devotion and Doubt" and "Bloomed"

If you don't have The Trinity Sessions get it. It's killer. Recorded live in a church w/awesome acoustics.

Cheers, Spencer
Bloodbath. It has the lead vocalist from Opeth. That's death metal for those unfamiliar with the genre.
What's the chances of Diana Krall and Bloodbath joining forces and making a record?
"What's the chances of Diana Krall and Bloodbath joining forces and making a record?"

That's hilarious!

Funny thing is, as diverse as my musical tastes are, I'd probably buy it!
This CD was released back in sept/oct 2003 so perhaps not so new to many here, however, I only came upon it last week - Joshua Bell's "Romance of the Violin".

PS: I also liked Jond and Tracer's picks above, just based on clips at amazon.
Any Loreena McKennitt or Lisa Gerrard fans out there? You really owe it to yourself to give a listen to Vas and or Azam Ali's 'solo' efforts. Wonderful stuff...
Gordus - If you like Lisa Gerrard, I'd bet you'd also like some of the Early Music recordings of Jordi Savall and his wife, Montserrat Figueras, who also has a remarkable soprano voice. I'd highly recommend their recording on AllaVox titled, "El Cant de la Sibil-La" (Alla Vox AV9806). Just gorgeous! Been on frequent rotation in my systems lately.


the whole album is consistent straight ahead rock

very nice, buy it you'll like it

I was skeptical
Thanks for the great suggestions! Bought a half dozen of them last night online and can't wait for them to arrive.

Living in a semi-rural area, it's hard to find new music worth listening to. Thank goodness for the web. is real nice, albeit a bit scary(to the pocketbook) to find a thread with a whole bunch of suggestions and not be familiar with any of them.

I have some exploring to do!

Thanks to all.
Iron & Wine, 'Our Endless Numbered Days'.
The Gibson Brothers. This is a country/bluegrass band. The album is called "A Long way back home." Great music, great recording.
Marko, Thank you for the tip! I'll check into it immediately and sorry about taking so long to respond, I'm just now am getting back to this thread... Tonto Yoder just clued me into another excellent band along the same lines, Trial of the Bow. I've been playing "Rite of Passage" quite often for the last two days!

The Bad Plus. Didn't know quite what to make of them, but very enjoyable stuff. I would imagine they're much better live, but the cd becomes more and more likable with repeated listening.
Rene Marie (Vertigo)- amazing Jazz singer! On the Max Jazz CD label..great scat, accompaniment, and excellent recording quality. Rene writes her own songs as well as interprets others. I've seen her live a couple of times in the last year - she often appears at smaller clubs and puts on a great show! The control she has of her voice is really incredible, and her version of Billie Holiday's song "dixie/strange fruit" is very, very moving......check her out !
I second Iron and Wine, very 'breathy' vocals and intimate with acoustic guitar and occasional banjo (played very slowly). It sucks you in for a mellow listen...

Spocks Beard. Just heard a CD recently, and want more. They are a little like Gentle Giant, which is my all time favorite band.
Blue Floyd,

I have the 1/15/2000 and 1/30 shows. Excellent.
Shirley Horn- "Here's to Life."
Richard Thompson, "The Old Kit Bag".
I just discovered Keely Smith wow what a voice,,
Kelley Joe Phelps - "Shine Eyed Mister Zen". I'm in absolute awe of his guitar technique.